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Do you think im doing the right thing for a teens health? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?

hi im a 13 year old girl. i am really into being healthy and fit. im a very sensitive person so i think health class really got to me. well i measure all my portions now. i count every single calorie i eat. i dont really restrict my calories my goal is to get enough of everything. ive always had a fast metabolism but id worry if i didnt know how many calories i ate. i think im the only one of my age who does this. i currently play volleyball so i try to eat 1800 calories a day. on the weekend when im really sedentary or wake up late i eat about 1500 atleast (if i wake up really late because i stayed up late) or i eat 1600. the thing is im really thin. im 5 7 and 93 pounds. people always call me skinny and would think its really weird for me to count calories and litterally use measuring cups to measure portions/ plan my meals. im not afraid of getting fat i just feel like i have to know how many calories to make sure i get the nutrients and stuff. i usually eat like 1790 and round that to 1800 because i heard some things might have more calories than they actually say. i was always expected to grow to 5 10 but i dont want to stunt that growth so am i doing the right thing? should i always eat 1800 even when im not playing sports just in case. sometimes its a hard thing to count calories because i have 2 go out with my friends or family and theres no calorie info at a resaturant or homemade meals so i have to figure it all out and write it down. I never see anyone else doing this and im like the only one and im really skinny so its weird. should i eat 2000 calories but can i keep counting because it does make me feel safe. my goal is to take care of my body, be happy and grow to my full potential but sometimes i worry im not doing the right thing because it doesnt seem natural. can i continue what im doingf and will i keep growing? obviously im pretty good with my growth because im 13 and 5 7 and they say girls grow another 3 inches after they get their period and i havent gotten my period yet. i know im skinny but i dont count calories to be skinny. you know what im saying? i see everyone else just eats anything there given, am i doing a good thing? i can tell my parents getting annoyed when they see me measuring my portions before i eat lol for example this is what i would eat in a day

breakfast: 1 pumpkin spice vitatop (100 cal) vitamins(20) (20 cal gum too for the day) 2 clementines(80 calories) or another fruit for 80-100 cal green tea(0cal)

lunch: half of a napa almond chicken salad sandwich from panera bread (half is pretty big) (350cal)

snack: 10 ritz crackers (160 cal) and 140 cal chobani yogurt

dinner: 1 whole what wrap for a burrito(80 cal) with 1 cup beans (180 cal) with 1/4 cup ricotta cheese(90 cal) with a v8 splash lite (50 cal) and 1 cup of broccoli (100 cal)

snack later: 1 skinnycow ice cream sandwich 150 cal, a nutrition antioxidant granola bar 160 cal

i count all my fat grams and this would be exactly 25 percent calories from fat, enough fruits veggies etc and a lot of dairy/ whole grains and fiber plus i get my sweet and salty fix so i dont crave. sometimes ill eat the same things like i have the yougrt anf crackers everyday because if i dont have time i already know how many calories that is. is this good? am i getting the nutritents i need?

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    I am also a 14 girl who is into sports (i love volleyball too!!!). I am also 5"7, but I weigh 120lbs (Most of it is in muscle because I do MMA with Judo, Taekwondo, and Brazillian Jui-Jitsu and they require extreme strength and the ability to do many push ups, sit ups, burpees, ect.). I keep track of what I eat, but not to the exact calorie. I amke sure what I eat is healthy, but letting yourself have a burger after a tough workout or tournament once in a while is good. Make sure your diet is varied, with the the right amount of veggies, fruit, dairy, ect. So lighten up on your awareness of every single food you intake, and just make sure you exercise and stay in shape, not too fat, and not too thin. :)

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    Since You're a tall teenage girl, You actually need quite a bit more. The days You don't workout, i'd say at LEAST 2200. The days You do workout, try and shoot for 2400

    Source(s): Fit athlete; i used to be obese and now i have an 8 pack
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