Why don't the honorees at the Kennedy Center Honors talk or perform?

I watched the Kennedy Center Honors on television and all the honorees just sat in the balcony and watched the stage performances. On stage were other celebrities either praising them or in the case of Led Zeppelin performing a tribute by doing some of their songs. Do any of you also find it odd that none of the honorees spoke or performed? They were all wearing their colorful Kennedy Center Honors medallions given the night before the gala. I think it would've made more sense to present them with the medallions on stage and have them talk or perform.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Good question! It did seem kind of funny seeing all the honorees just sitting there with their pretty ribbons on, watching and applauding other performers heaping tons of praise on them. I would've rather seen Led Zeppelin go on stage and perform their own songs. I also found it odd that Kid Rock was there performing a Led Zeppelin song with President Obama and his wife watching. After Kid Rock proclaimed his allegiance to Romney, I'm surprised he was even there!

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    8 years ago

    I agree! It would be a better show if the performers spoke or performed! I would've preferred seeing Led Zeppelin perform their own songs instead of watching Kid Rock and others doing a tribute.

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