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Aoife asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 8 years ago


So i have got around 200 emails from this "mailer daemon" and i already know it is a virus. I don't know how i got it, but i got it.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this? I have got McAfee and a ran a scan on it and it said there were no issues.

I have changed my password on my yahoo mail and updated my security questions, so now what?

Can someone please tell me how to get out of this mess? Your help is deeply appreciated! Please.


So is there any way of stopping the hacker or is changing the password and updating my security questions all i can do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Somebody is using your account to send spam emails to all sorts of addresses; some of which are giving errors and mailer daemon is telling you that the emails could not be sent.

    Mailer daemon isn't a virus, it's just an account set up by your email provider to tell you that your emails aren't being delivered properly.

    If changing your password and security questions didn't help then your computer may have a virus like a trojan horse which is sending information directly to the hackers. You should run a complete scan with your antivirus software.

    Hope I helped. :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Mailer Daemon is not on your machine. It is the name used by most commercial mail servers to return mail to you when it can not be delivered. If you read the messages it will tell you which messages and where you sent them to. It could be they are telling you one of the addresses you are sending to does not exist, the user's mailbox is full, or that you are on a blacklist because the server thinks you are sending spam. If you do not read them you can not tell what they mean. It could be that another person has managed to send out from somewhere else using your email address as the sender address. This is often because someone who has your address in their address book has had a virus infection on their machine and the virus sent ALL their email addresses to the virus originator. There is not much you can do about that unless there is a common part of the message, like they were all sent from the same server, where the yahoo admin may be able to stop it. For total peace of mind, download the free scanner from and run a full scan. McAfee has been known to mis things and an infection on your machine might be sending out using your account at Yahoo, but it is unlikely.

  • 8 years ago

    Some spammer or spam-generating program is using your email address in the 'From:' field of the junk it's sending.

    All the undeliverable stuff gets bounced back to the supposed sender - you in this case...

    Usually it stops after about three or four days, when the real spammer is eventually traced and shut down.

    The From address in an email is no more than a line of text, it can have absolutely anything in there.

    Like a letter in the post, the only way you know who it's from is what the sender put as a 'from' address, and spammers ALWAYS use false From addresses so it takes longer to be traced and they don't get bothered with the undelivered junk that's sent back.

    [Electronics designer & programmer for 30+ years].

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Mailer Daemon isn't a virus - it's just the programme which notifies you that an email you sent could not be delivered. What is more likely is that you have been hacked, and someone is using you computer, or your email address, to send spam emails to every address in your memory - including lots that are no longer in use. You are being told that those emails could not be delivered.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well for your information "Mailer-Demon" is a yahoo mail service that pops up when if the sent is sometimes undelivered.

    Just open the mail and see whats written in there. There at some part in the text the information for the mail that is undelivered is there.

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