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Should The Rock win the WWE Championship or should CM Punk retains the WWE Championship at RR'13?

First of all, I have to say that this match is a dream match for most of us here. But with a 400 days and counting ticking on Punk's side, is WWE going to benefit if The Rock wins at RR'13? In my opinion, yes and no. Before some of you bash me, I just let you know that this is just my opinion.

On the yes part, The Rock is a star booster machine. He can generate a lot of viewers and this can help WWE boost up ratings during the Road to Wrestlemania(RTWM) where WWE normally put most of the best storylines in place. WWE have been getting poor ratings for the last 2 months and so, this is a great chance for WWE to redeem those ratings back. By having The Rock win the WWE Championship, it can make CM Punk a more legitimate star as well. Some of you think CM Punk is a legend or he can draw ratings very well but in fact, CM Punk haven't reached the level of the likes of John Cena, The Rock, Triple H and Undertaker as well as a few more wrestlers. Thus, having The Rock beat Punk at RR, there is no disappointment but more honor to Punk instead. Also having The Rock faces one of the longest WWE Champion in WWE history can bring the attention of John Cena.

On the No side, I don't see a need for The Rock to win the WWE Championship as he is a part time wrestler and he also have a career of his own outside of wrestling. True, he came back to entertain all of us before he hangs up his boots and call it a career. The Rock will not be at house shows and most house shows normally have the WWE Champion in the matches(until Punk's injury). Not only house shows but live events such as Raw on every Monday. It will be quite weird to see the WWE Champion absent frequently from Raw during the RTWM season. Having CM Punk lose to a part time wrestler will give an image that WWE is not trusting in CM Punk despite having a 400+ days reign as WWE Champion. I agree the fact that Punk cannot draw ratings like before during the "Summer of Punk" and thus the only way for Punk to get back those ratings is to beat The Rock and Punk can be billed as the current "legends" in PG period by WWE. And to be honest, I rather see a full time wrestler hold the WWE Championship than a part time wrestler. I am not hating The Rock but it just don't make sense to put the title on The Rock at RR where there are a lot of scenarios for The Rock to be in at WM 29.

My prediction on The Rock vs CM Punk at RR'13: I have to say The Rock wins the match via DQ thus allowing CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship.

Personally, if WWE does this, there is more branches that WWE can do from here. WWE can have Brock Lesnar screws The Rock during the WWE Championship match which leads to The Rock vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29. However, the downside of this is that the storylines are pretty much limited as John Cena will have nothing to do at WM 29. Let's say if WWE decides to have Punk vs Taker AND Brock vs Rock at WM 29. It is literally getting rid of Cena from WM 29 which something WWE would NEVER do.

In similar scenario(if we didn't have Lesnar interferes), The Rock can look great in the outcome of the match and CM Punk doesn't need to lose the title in the case which can also lead to a rematch at a future PPV(Like WM 29) because CM Punk escapes from The Rock at RR'13 and WWE can give a reason why The Rock deserve another title at the grandest stage of them all. While we are this stage, WWE can also bring in John Cena into the mix by having him win some sort of a Elimination Chamber Number 1 Contender match or the Royal Rumble match. At this rate, WWE can literally end two great storylines in just one match at WM 29. It can bring Rock and Cena again in the ring with Punk in the match as well which wouldn't destroy the prestige of the "Once in a Lifetime" match back at WM 28.

What are your thoughts on who should win and why?

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    There is always pros and cons with normally everything.

    Due to Rocks lavish lifestyle appearing in over 20 different movies all the way into 2014 I would find it incredibly hard to figure out when Rock could be WWE Champion and still be committed.

    For Rock is all about Hollywood and fame, not loyalty to the company. As much as it hurts me to say it but he has turned into Hulk Hogan, ditching the company to go to self promotion, not being loyal to the millions upon millions of fans all over the world. It's a shame but some people just fall into the same trap.

    Boosting the ratings is a big target and something WWE should focus on, by creating dream matches like Brock vs Rock at WM29, possibly Punk vs Taker (not my preference but reasonable to most people) Cena vs Taker sounds pretty good, in an I Quit Match or something like that, obviously with Taker winning because Mr.PG and no one else deserves to end the streak.

    The HUGE problem with the creative team in terms of power they are limited, this goes with Vince too. Sure we got Rock back and had one of the best WM matches with Rock and Cena in but he doesn't have the power he used too. Back in the day he had over 80% majority control. And now he has 52%, meaning he has to share this power with other stakeholders, he must acknowledge their interests as well. Along with the 100 million dollars Vince wasted on Linda's campaign which was a failure which could have been spent on such things as new superstars, and other things.

    The Rock winning the title would be a great thing for older fans as they would be reliving the glory days of the Rock, the People's Champ! But the stakeholders that Vince has to deal with could not want to give the title to him, I.e. Punk 400+ days as Champ, keeps the storyline between the 2 going but would keep going even if Rock lose. Building up tension for WM and what's in store, e.g. Punk vs Cena vs Rock for the title.

    Anything is possible in the WWE.

  • I pretty much agree with you and I said the same things. I want Rock to be WWE champion again. It would be awesome but I don't think it would make sense to put the strap on Rock right away. It's not particularly about Rock being part time or whatever but it would kinda be predictable and waste months of build up. It would be a slap to the face to CM Punk to drop the title at the Rumble, because he's been champion for 400+ days and whether people don't want to accept it or not, Punk's reign has been one of the best that wrestling's ever seen. If i could think of only one or two wrestlers that's worthy enough to hold the belt for a year, it would have be CM Punk or Daniel Bryan. I think what you said should happen. Rock vs Punk at the RR should result in DQ or countout and then Rock and Punk should feud until Wrestlemania 29 and Rock gets the belt at WM. I think Rock would prefer his big moment to be on the grandest stage of them all anyway.

    If you ask me, Cena shouldn't be involved in WM this year. let alone main event it again, he deserves a break and been worked to the bone by WWE. One WM can survive without Cena. I mean, you get Brock Lesnar, A possible return by the Undertaker, Maybe a final match with Triple H and a special stipulation match every year. WM doesn't get buys because of Cena. It's because of the great matches and the build up is why it gets buys.

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    There are advantages and disadvantages both ways. Honestly I am kind of in the same boat as you I think. I do not see the need for the Rock to have the belt going into Mania. Buys will increase even if he does not have the belt. Plus if Rock isn't going to come back for a decent run it just hurts CM Punk in the long run.

    Leave the belt on Punk, let Rock get the moral victory and be done with it.

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    lets put some sense in to the facts WM 28 the rock defeated the "face of the company"..........so at RR 2013 he is gonna easily defeat punk..............

    On a related note, it’s said that The Rock is perfectly fine with dropping the WWE Title to John Cena at WrestleMania 29. It’s been reported Rock has been under the impression that he will be the one to end CM Punk’s title reign at the Royal Rumble.

    Source(s): bleachersreport.com
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The rock wins wwe champ, goes to WM29 and vs cean who wins RR13 and sets up rock vs cena part 2.

    Cm punk goes on raw the next night after RR13 and says he held the belt for over 400 plus days and now wants a bigger challenge that will set up WM29 cm punk vs undertaker.

    Then brock lesner I don't know who in hell he can fight maybe randy orton who needs a big win after that awful match with kane last year.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Personally i think this is a no contest; if The Rock beat John Cena he would easily defeat Cm Punk, business wise it wouldn't be great because Cm Punk is there every week and Rock isn't.

  • 8 years ago

    Cm Punk wins for me and faces taker at wm 29

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    8 years ago

    Well cm punk is bound to lose te title at some stage and the rumble would be the place. Why would wwe hype the rocks title shot months in advance and make him lose

  • Daniel
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    5 years ago

    I agree with "The Suicidal Dragon": would love to see someone take out CM punk, but to have The Rock be the one is a bad business move. There's no way he could commit to it, long-term with his schedule.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm pretty sick of The Rock returning for a single match taking too much break. And Punk proved that he's the best in the world beating every one of those challengers for the WWE title.

    So I definitely want my man CM Punk to win.

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