Why was Ruth Lorenzo dropped by the record label EMI?


Ruth Lorenzo dropped by EMI - Why?!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Lorenzo claimed in a blog posting that she parted away from Virgin Records/EMI due to "creative differences". This is absolute bullshit. We ALL know that she was dropped, booted, dumped, kicked out whatever you wish to call it from EMI because they thought she was just ****.

    End of, that's it basically. She had to lie because she felt so embarrassed by the whole incident, and that she could not face failure and rejection, firstly from being booted off the X Factor by the public vote, then by EMI who thought they would give her a go due to the short-lived hype surrounding the X Factor show and media frenzy that often follows such TV shows. This proved to be a reality check for the company (EMI) who obviously saw that she lacked any talent and would be a liability if allowed to continue with them. They ended it by dumping/dropping her; this was soon made public by herself in a blog announcement where she tried to make out as if it was due to "creative differences" when the reality was as clear as day to everyone. She later claimed that she would be acting as an 'independent artist', although she has yet to be signed by any record company since, and it's been nearly 5 years!! She now claims to be writing new material for an album that will be released soon - although the name of which is that of a FART!

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