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Are all British people- including British Muslims frightened to debate issues on Islam?

I asked a question in various ways because I felt debate seems reasonable after the London school being closed down due to immigration control and it seems everyone thinks I am being offensive-OR they are just too frightened to speak: let me remind you that we have muslims in Parliament, Muslims in the house of lords and a huge muslim population even in Britain that is non malevolent. I feel that our 'Border Agency' is there to protect all NOT JUST WHITE ENGLISH!

If people come here to just abuse our immigration process or come here to be fanatical- surely our Border Agency has every right to question safeguards and implement deterrents?

Please read on and don't just give cynicism or complete distaste- this is an important issue for ISLAMISTS TOO!

Why would an 'Islamic 'university sach as 'JAK' have an injunction against the Border Agency?

If the Border Agency were established to protect the United Kingdom- surely their efforts to stem enrolment by certain foreign nationals (ones that might just be using education to enter this country and then remain illegally or even spread hatred- such as people already trained in terrorism) is not only accepted by even the Muslims of the British population but should under law not be up for debate?

It seems the Muslim 'LORDS' and politicians think more about stigma associated with their religion than they do the security of our country - how can a top school in London be removed from its status yet an 'Islamic' school cannot? Islam seems to be able to cut more ice than the law itself these days and I don't understand why when most muslims in Britain are purported to be peaceful- is this all derived from the 'FEAR' our politicians and judges hold of attrocity occurring through a created resentment? In my perception the fanatics amongst us already have that resentment and this is why the Border Control do the things they do- they gain intelligence to suggest innappropriate use of School enrolment and then try to close it down- for the sake of Christians and Muslims alike- this is not done in anyway to persecute anyone that abides by British law so what is the problem?

JAK Wins an Injunction in the High Court against UKBA

You're Here: Home / News / JAK Wins an Injunction in the High Court against UKBA

Following the order by HHJ McKenne dated 10 October 2012, Jamea Al Kauthar won an injunction to overturn the decision to reject our application for a Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) license.

As a result JAK can continue to issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) as the CAS level remains the same as it was prior to the refusal of our HTS license application.

The UKBA have also been ordered to refrain from revoking our sponsor license until the outcome of a Judicial Review or further order. The interim limit applies until 31st December 2012.

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    Islam is one way, we get told we have to be tolerant to all religions but Islam force their beliefs on other religions and in some cases suppress it. If you support Islam and come to the UK, you should be prepared to accept other religions and not force your views on society.

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    first of all I have not had the time to read all of that which you talk about.

    next the border agency management seem to have been tecruited from

    all those stupid incapable rejects from the oxbridge crowd and have made

    such a mess of its organisation that there are 320,000 people still waiting to

    be processed.

    regarding my own particular views on muslim immigration or any other.

    I really believe that anyone wishing to come to live in the uk should first of all

    be able to read and write and speak english to the point where they can be fully

    understood before entering our country for why should we uk citizens be forced

    to employ interpreters assist them when they are only interested in speaking

    their own language and are obviously just coming here to obtain the benefits

    from our system and not contribute.

    finally I believe that freedom of speech has always been one of the treasures

    of the uk.

    so if a muslim wishes to parade with a placard saying kill all non muslim believers

    they have every right to.just the same as an englishman has the right to say

    mohammed is an idiot.

    And fear is the very factor which breeds racial tension so lets all be open and

    honest and may the uk always be a democracy.

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    8 years ago

    If you don't mind I'll stick to answering your question without going into all the rest of what you wrote.

    I think many people have been purposefully frightened and put off debating muslim issues. They know full well that one or two sentences in and the same Orwellian sheep who constantly bleated "four legs good, two legs bad" every time an awkward subject came up will bleat "racist" or "nazi".

    These pre-programmed insults are the real reason for there being such little meaningful debate of the type you desire. It is, in my view, precisely to stop any debate that they have been so programmed. A debate on muslims is about as welcome as the oft-demanded in/out referendum on our membership of the EU.

    Why? Because the politicians know they won't get the answer they prefer.

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    8 years ago

    This is a question and answer forum, not a debating forum. You are in breach of the Conditions of use. You also seem to have a personal agenda here. Your fight is with the British courts, not with people who have no way of knowing all the facts of the cases you cite.

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    People are afraid that they will be labelled racist if they dare to air their reasonably held beliefs, and to be fair to them they probably would. However, there are far worse things than being called names.

    Given a straight choice, I'll take the name calling.

    Muslims tend to self segregate in the Ramadan section in much the same way as they do in the real world. They find any negative comment about their religion offensive, so hide away from it.

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    It's all about Political Correctness....engage brain before opening mouth!

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    Most Brits you will find are not afraid to discuss any issue at all, be it from gay rights to Islam.

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    8 years ago

    I have to tell you that very few if anybody will bother reading all that you just posted

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm a British Muslim.

    and i wasn't bothered to read all of that.

    but i'm not afraid to discuss Islam.


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