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Why is the Okanagan a desert?

I was watching a video on permaculture recently, titled "Green Gold", found on youtube. The amazing thing about it was the reclaiming of desertificated caused over exploited agriculture. So I have a theory about the Okanagan region and it's modern use being turned into agricultural land. I'm wondering if the Natives long ago lived in there in a large group, it was over farmed and timbered and long forgotten about. I watched China, Ethiopia and Jordan reclaim their deserts. Would it be a good idea to reclaim that desert land by using terraced gardening techniques and only indigenous shrubbery? If we used students with a payment of summer credits, in 5 years we can turn it into the greenest place in BC. Just a few ideas I'm throwing out there.


@John: Guess the cause is evident. Terraced gardening and digging of swells restores deserts. Watch "Green Gold". Earth is supposed to be a garden.

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    The desert areas are growing. Oklahoma is being over farmed and they say too much water is being taken from the underground water. It looks like there is a big lake there. Maybe just leave it be.

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