claiming unpaid wages?

Is there a way I can claim unpaid wages? I took on a job as bar manager and was suppose to get paid weekly however after the first month after paying all the bills and staff there was never anything for me and then the owner closed it down and I never received a penny. Is there anything I can do to claim the wages lost?


Its hard i've just been on companies house and it doesn't say its dissolved, i know they owe a lot of money out including the rent to the building they leased, I doubt i'll get much cooperation from the owner, he is trying to get off lightly cause it was such a short time (6weeks) and all he ever says when i track him down is i'll sort it, he has another venue but im nit sure if it is in a different company name?

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  • kacy
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    3 years ago

    Claiming Unpaid Wages

  • spargo
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    3 years ago

    If i'm studying into this accurately i would advise that your employment finished with them 6 months in the past, and after that, you grew to become self-employed,so that you wouldn't be on the pay roll- is that correct ? Consequently you wouldn't be entitled to redundancy as you do not have a current contract of employment, as you aren't employed via them but a self-employed contractor used by them nevertheless you would be paid by contract, as a self -employed contractor and paid as such , by cheque or straight into your bank account should you failed to work as an worker, then you wont be entitled to holiday pay and many others however you do have a claim for any unpaid monies ,as a contractor ,and for that you simply'd must post the main points of your claim to the enterprise administrators of the company you worked for, and you're going to be listed as a beneficiary of any assets the liquidated corporation would have The job centre will support you with this claim, and any other central claims , but I cannot see the point in an industrial tribunal, if the company now not exist.As such make an appointment with the job centre advisors for all of this

  • 7 years ago

    You could claim through employment tribunal but if you win there is no company to claim it from as it closed down so you would need to raise a court action through the small claims court for up to £500 and would cost you around £40, Good Luck

  • 7 years ago

    why the hell would you work for a month for nothing ?

    after you did not get paid for your first week that was it you should have not worked any more

    but you chose to and you worked for 3 weeks more why if he had not paid you the first week

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