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i wanna get back to my ex!!! pls help but he was double dating!!?

i am thinking of breaking up with my present bf..just because there is no future for us..we were in relationship since 2 yrs..but wanna move ahead...and i am thinking of getting back to my ex..(he stays in my building).i had broke up with him because he was double dating and after few months he again came back to me but..i rejected him...but now i keep on thinking about him..i still hav feelings left for do i approach him?? he is on fb and he has specified his phone number..should i directly message him on his cell. wouldn't it look awkward because i will be contacting him after around 2 years..though we had a chat on fb 2 or 3 times... what do i do?? pls help i am getting mad over him..and i wanna tell him that i still care for him!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    if he was double dating then I don't see the worth behind it all... I know it was in the past but does he have feelings for you? He should want you more than you want him I say.

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  • 8 years ago

    there nothing remained to be with ex again. Though you both get together again he'll leave you soon. Better to be happy with new guy, less pain.

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