Washing machine sounds like it's slamming against something inside when it agitates?

My washing machine is making a loud banging noise when it agitates like it's hitting something inside. I washed a heavy chenille rug in the washing machine and I had to stop the spin cycle because it was severely out of balance. I was quick, but apparently not quick enough to prevent damage because when I started the next load, it started making a loud banging noise with each agitation back and forth. It kinda sounds like something is loose or broken inside, which prevents the agitation in each direction from stopping on time and it's hitting something. It spins fine though.

Please don't say "Call a repairman." because that's obvious and useless advice. I'm unemployed and not even getting by. I'm pretty handy and want to attempt to fix it myself first if possible. Anyone care to give a diagnostic, and if possible, let me know if it's a do-it-yourself job for a fairly mechanically inclined woman? If I know what it is, I'm sure I can look up the fix it online.



It's not out of balance now, and this happened about a month ago, so something obviously broke when it went out of balance. It happens with every load and is continuous through the agitation cycle.

Update 2:

It's a Kenmore 600 Series

Update 3:

The clothes are distributed evenly; it's not a balance issue. I've never had problems before this incident with it off balance, and it happens with every load. There is something wrong with the machine, not the operator. I've been doing laundry 25+ yrs.

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  • Chris
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    8 years ago
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    Its probably the dog aggits or worse case the basket block. Two easy tests you can do for each with it empty try turning the auger aka post in the middle left and jerk it quickly to the right. Do that several times HARD! If it doesnt catch immediatly going right then you have bad dog aggits and it requires you to take off the top cap, just pull at an angle and it comes right off. Then reach down inside and remove the aggits see threw lid, might take some hard yanks. Rachet with a 8 inch extension and 7/16" socket to undo the bolt, pull auger out (two pieces will probably seperat and you only need the top have. Replace the dogs as old one are and reinsert back together making sure you line up the two little white tabs that helds the aggits cam in place. If one breaks no big deal. Alwso make sure you clean out all broken pieces! But if that tests pass throw a loads of towels in and fill it up then switch to fast spin and when in fast spin with all towels still heavy open the lid. You'll know if its the basket block then because itll sound like a train coming at you. This would require a repair man as it takes a special spanner nut tool to remove it. Unless you can find that for cheap and you tube video on how to. Either way dogs are about 6 bucks for a set and blocks and nuts are about 20. Repair guys and parts about 170-200.

    Source(s): I am an in home laundry repair tech. And if you lived in seattle or within the vicinity ill do it for $90 plus parts.
  • 8 years ago

    A lot of washing machines will do that if there is too much weight on one side. If it worries you, try to move the clothes around and even the weight out. I think it can also do it if the machine is not level.

    Good luck.

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    Washing Machine Making Banging Noise

  • 8 years ago

    distribute the closes evenly

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