Epson Workforce 3250 connectivity issue?


I am having an issue with my Epson WF-3250. When I switch the printer on AFTER turning the laptop on, or having worked on the laptop, it registers the printer as offline. However, if I switch the printer on BEFORE the laptop, or restart the laptop, it registers as online.

How can I get it to register as ONLINE whenever I switch it on?

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    8 years ago
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    This probably has to do with BIOS initialization and when BIOS hands off to the operating system and initiates the printer driver. When you boot the comptuer, BIOS starts first, does a hardware check and then "hands off" the hardware driver layer to Windows who then picks up the handle and continues to initiate loading of drivers and executing the operating system. What I am saying is, that your printer driver requires operating system initialization - it does not automatically get detected "on the fly" or that is, like plugging and unplugging most USB devices. Most BUT NOT ALL, USB devices install a permanent device driver or Windows provides a generic device driver when it detects a plug in from the USB port. However, if the driver is written so that it requires initialization at boot time, this won't work. This is particularly true of older printers and older operating systems - Pre XP especially, but a lot of driver issues like this at the XP operating system as well...USB was pretty good in XP but there were still bugs and this is one of them. I am going to assume you have XP on your laptop or that the driver is specifically written to initialize on bootup only.

  • 8 years ago

    Check to see if all connections are secure and in place

    Start Windows 7

    Devices and printers

    Right click your printer icon

    Select see what's printing

    Click on the word printer

    Remove check to use Printer Offline

    If above does not help, you need to reinstall the software


    Reset the IP address

    Turn printer off

    Reboot the computer

    Turn the printer on

    If the problem continues

    Reinstall the printer software

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    Epson Wf3250

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