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Electricity.. Capacitors question?

I'm fixing my TV by replacing a few Capacitors.

The question is:

- The capacitors the TV has say: "10 v 1000 uf"

- The capacitors I have say "10 v 1000 uf"

They both say the same thing, but the ones that are on the TV are taller than the ones I have bought.

Is there any problem, or is it ok, or anything???

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    capacitors come in all different sizes and shapes.

    While for a given type like aluminum electrolytic, the volume tends to be the same for a given capacitance and voltage value, but they can be different also.

    as long as they fit and don't hit anything, they are fine.

    Edit: I'd replace them with 15 volt units, if you can find any that fit. Using a voltage rating too low for the application is one of the major causes of cap failure.

  • 3 years ago

    the dimensions/shape of the capacitor is unimportant. It basically needs to slot interior the gap you have. even nonetheless, I do ask your self why you think of adjusting capacitors will restoration your television. there are assorted different factors which would be undesirable.

  • Roger
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    If you can fit the capacitors on the PCB board they should work fine. Just understand these are electrolytic capacitors and must be installed with the right polarity.

  • Anonymous
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