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Why do all female singers sound the same?

I listen to male singers and they have their own way and vocal style. But it seems all female singers just want a big high range. When I listen to covers of male songs sung by females on youtube. They all sing it the same way. But when men sing they sound different. Why is this? This is why I listen to predominantly male bands.


Haha pink is not Raspy

Update 2:

I rarely ever hear a female singer have rasp, a different way of singing(take the cure for example), or not sound like any other female singer.

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    I hear what you're saying, but there are some female singers that sound totally different. They're more underground artist though. A lot of what you're hearing is a result of executives only searching for female singers who are sopranos. There are a lot of female singers who are strong altos and for some reason they are not sought out too much or encouraged to be lead singers or soloist. This is not in any particular order but just a list of female singers that I like that don't follow the typical soprano stereotype.

    1) Adele

    2) Pink

    3) Tracey Chapman

    3) Meshell Ndegeocello

    4) Linda Perry

    5) Toshi Reagan

    6) India Irie

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  • I agree with part of your statement. Some do sound the same when they have big voices and they just want to throw it out there but I have heard some female singers that have great tones (raspy voices, different ways of singing that I like)

    Here are a couple who sound different.

    Pink(raspy, listen to her live )

    Bo Bruce (delicate kind of odd but great)

    Amy Lee (from evanescence. Angelic)

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    I sometimes have a hard time deciding between two or more male singers.. you seem like you really just wanted to say you don't like female singers... No one cares though..

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    Studio gimmicks and the suits realize what sells in the limited radio rotation.

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