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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 8 years ago

My Dog is Uncontrollable?!?

Please help.

me! My dog has a constant problem of biting things (including me!) and barks so much and won't do a thing my dad and i try to get him to do! I know he's only 7 months old, but it's getting uncontrollable now, he's wrecked the couch and an expensive rug and he keeps peeing and pooing all over the place! When we adopted him we knew he would be an handful but they told us he was house trained but we would have to train him to do everything else! We've managed to get him comfortable with travelling, but it's like he's somehow altered his indoor training into his travelling training, if you get what i mean? Even dad's getting sick of it, and the dog's never content unless he's jumping about. Our doors are all scratched and bitten because he won't stop biting stuff! We've tried dentastix for puppies, even those hard pig-ear bone things, but he demolishes them within the evening! Please help, because this behavior is also distracting me from my school work!

I would appreciate any help, but please no abuse! He's my first actual pet, but he's a major handful!

Also, for his first 5 months he was raised by Polish people, so does that make a difference (they apparently spoke Polish too, will that be something affecting his behavior?)

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  • Bec
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    8 years ago
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    this is very normal for a 7 month old puppy. Just like any child or animal, they don't just come into the world knowing everything 100%.

    Puppies are like this from 6 months up to about 2 yrs of age (teenager stage). This is where you need to train them to understand your commands and who is boss.

    I have two well trained german shepherds. From 6 weeks to 6 months most dogs are quite low energy as they are still growing. It is at 6 months when they start their "teenager" part of growing up. They will test all boundaries and chew up as much as they can as they are teething.

    My older dog is now 2 and a half and he was a real handful!! Everything got destroyed, he would not listen and he would assert his dominance over me by pushing me to the ground and not letting me back up, but not being agressive either. It wasn't until I took him to proper dog training and understood everything about teaching tricks and asserting my dominance. For example, I always walk through doors before him, I eat before him, he's not allowed to sleep in my bed or take food until I allow him. He is now the most cuddly dog in the world. He now respects that I look after the household and he doesn't have to worry about that. watch Caesar Milan dog trainer on youtube.

    My next one I got her at 9 weeks old. I got stuck into training her very early as I knew what I was in for. Sure enough 6 months came around. I have a ton of pot holes in my back yard, everything started getting chewed up again and my clothes weren't safe on the clothesline. But because of the training she does understand when to sit still and not move. She is now 1 years old and still doesn't entirely listen to me yet all the time, but she is getting better. She has won me some awards now in novice dog competitions as she loves training because she loves food, but she won't listen to me in the backyard as much. It is a work in progress always.

    Caesar Milan - watch it!! he is awesome! Also go to a butcher and get a real dog bone - dentasticks aren't enough

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  • 8 years ago

    You said you have been traveling with him and you got him at 5 months old so you've only had him for a couple of months; It’s possible that you altered this dog’s lifestyle too quickly so he’s acting up because he didn’t have proper time to adjust. Do you take him for daily walks or other means of exercise? Dogs need exercise DAILY otherwise they can act up behaviorally like this because they’re not venting their energy. Some breeds need a lot more exercise than others. I honestly would suggest consulting a dog behaviorist or trainer. How he acts could have a lot to do with how you react to his behavior, you may very well be encouraging it in some way. Also, what kind of dog is he?

    You could try crate training as he is still young so he won’t tear up the house or go to the bathroom everywhere. Just take him out to go at regular intervals and stay out with him until he goes no matter how long it takes. Praise him for good behavior. You could keep a leash on him in the house to pull him away from things he’s starting to chew on. And step on the slack to keep him from jumping up. However, I think consulting a professional would be best.

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  • 8 years ago

    Obedience training is an absolute must.

    That's good advice generally, but particularly with your situation. Your dog is displaying behaviours that are undesirable & you don't know how to control them, but also - at 7 months your dog is approaching an important stage in his development (he's reaching adolescence). You need to get this right now, or you'll have a hell of a job sorting it out later.

    The link above should be useful to you. If you look at finding a dog training class in your area, you may find an apdt accredited one near you. If there isn't, that's not the end of your search - there will still be other good training classes, you'll just have to look elsewhere. Google should help find a local class & the apdt link should give you ideas as to what to look for to see if they're any good.

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  • 8 years ago

    have you tried taking him to obedience training?? that would help a lot, it may take time but with perseverance and patience it will work.

    the fact that polish people had him before won't have made any difference especially since you have had him so long now.

    has he been neutered? if not speak to your vet about having him done as this usually helps to calm a dog's behaviour down.

    every time you catch him doing something he shouldn't then tell him in a very stern authoritative voice "NO". don't smack him though as he won't understand why you are doing so, you could try what mom's do to their puppies when they are being naughty and grab his scruff (not too hard or rough) and and shake him gently only once and then leave him, no fuss no nice talking to him and no treats.

    make sure that you always treat him and tell him in a higher pitched and childish type voice that he is a good boy when he has done something right.

    i think that obedience training is going to be your best bet though. good luck.

    you could try spraying him with water each time you catch him doing something he shouldn't, this doesn't always work though.

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  • 4 years ago

    It's important to know not only how to train a dog, but what to train it to do. Read more

    Puppies have no sense of correct behavior, so they offer a million things you could correct; which should you address? In this section, we'll cover what to correct as well as how to train a pooch. We'll also discuss dog obediences classes -- also known as puppy kindergarten -- and specific thing you can teach your dog if you plan on traveling with it. Life tosses up myriad challenges to a dog's sense of obedience, and the more he's trained to understand, the happier you both will be. Finally, for fun and practical benefit, we'll cover a few basic tricks you can teach your dog. They're a wonderful way to bond with your pet and to entertain the both of you, while teaching it how to behave and react to your commands. Everybody wins!

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  • Lilly
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    8 years ago

    Behavior problems are the #1 reason that animals end up in shelters, and often euthanized. Please make the investment in obedience training. I took my puppy to 5 classes the total cost was $120. WORTH IT. Also keep him in a crate trained (look it up) not crate as a punishment but as a place where he can relax and move around safely. Let him out for potty and good behaviour play. Praise all good behaviour with treats. Positive reinforcement. It is also time to get him neutered.

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  • .
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    8 years ago

    You need to enlist the help of a professional trainer or enroll the pup in a puppy obedience class...he needs LOTS of exercise daily, so he's not so energetic at home...I suggest a couple of good walks a day (you didn't mention his size or breed, and he's young so I wouldn't overdo but you do want him to be somewhat tired at the end of the exercise period)...

    It's not the dog's fault he's acting out...he's being a dog...he must be trained (positively, properly, and consistently) so that he understands what you want and what you do not want from takes time and patience...

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  • 8 years ago

    because he used to live with other people then the problem might be that either he misses them or he doesn't understand you and our dad x

    btw what breed of dog is he? xx

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  • 8 years ago

    you need to get professional help love,you need to get some money and get the dog whisperer or a proper dog handler

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