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Syria: Do you believe the Chemical Weapons claims made by the 'West'?

Earlier this week an unnamed US official raised the global alarm that President (and I use that term loosely) Assad's army is beginning to move and prepare its Chemical Weapons for possible use, the most notable of which is Sarin Gas. Now it has been reported that these weapons are ready to be loaded onto planes, missiles, etc.

Now, Syria has in the past threatened to use WMD's IF attacked by outside forces but has vehemently denied plans to use them on their own people. However, the West does not believe such claims and are becoming 'increasingly concerned' that Assad's order to launch a WMD attack on major population centres will come imminently.

We have seen such claims before, but this time do you believe that Assad will dare exterminate hundreds of thousands of people in an attempt to cling to power, which will no doubt spark global intervention, and do you think we, as compassionate people, should step in to 'save the Syrian people'?


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    I think Assad is more likely using the threat of chemical weapons as a way to demoralize the rebels, hoping this will give him an edge and be able to put them down.

    But... if he's desperate? The guy's a madman. There's no telling what he might do.

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    I don't think we can really believe any news story nowadays, now matter how credible it may appear to be. Assad and his regime are known liars and so is the Obama administration. I do believe however that there must have been some movement of chemical weapons in Syria but it is being blown out of proportions to serve the interests of the US in the same way that the WMD excuse was used for the Iraq invasion.

    The syrian regime has claimed that IF it had these weapons it would not use them on its own people and it would only use them on foreign targets. Well, the fact that they deny even having these weapons is BS and since a large number of the rebels are foreign fighters it's quite possible that the regime has plans to use them discretely if it is cornered.

    It's an evil regime, there's no way of knowing for sure what is going to happen and I really hope these weapons are never used by the regime or acquired by the terrorists within the FSA.

    This is a dark period for the Middle East and all it will take is for someone to pull the trigger and the whole region could go nuclear.

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    U.S. intelligence businesses, working with the UN, have been investigating: (a) regardless of if chemical weapons have been used; and (b) who used chemical weapons in the event that they have been used. The lead team of the rebels, the Nusra front, is strongly tied to al-Qa'eda in Iraq and became placed on a terrorist record via the U.S (blacklisted) previous to their involvement with the Syrian insurrection. some in the back of-the-scenes hypothesis has been that if chemical weapons have been utilized in small quantity, possibly this Nusra front team did so as a fashion of blaming the Assad regime and thereby draw the U.S. into arming the rebels.

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    Have you ever personally known a Syrian that complained about Assad?

    I haven`t.

    A Syrian official said in response that maybe the US has armed the rebels with Chemical Weapons and will use them to discredit the Assad regime.

    Who knows what is true anymore?

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    No! the first casualty of war is the truth.

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