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What is this horror film?

A film where its a reality TV show and they all are sent into an old mental asylum where they pick out chess pieces and that means they have to do certain tasks. And there's a man who is haunting the place or something and the producers of the reality TV show eventually realise that there is actually a man haunting it. Its a pretty low budget film.

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    It is THE TASK (2011)


    Six terrified people, Shoe (Ashley Mulheron), Randall (Marc Pickering), Toni (Amara Karan), Dixon (Texas Battle) and brother and sister Stanton (Tom Payne) and Angel (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), are kidnapped to take part in a new reality show which will see them spending a night in an abandoned prison to win $20,000. Show host, Taylor (Adam Rayner) handcuffs the contestants together, removes their belongings and sends them into the prison.

    Here's the trailer


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    This is really bugging me, I've seen the film myself but I can't remember the title. It's not 7 Nights of Darkness even though they sound very similar

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