Mazda 6 ticking noise around fan belt area?

Right no clue about cars sorry!

Had a problem with ticking sound coming from car.(previous question better explains this) basically diagnosed as cat, it wasn't timing tensioner went, engine dead.

Replace engine, noise is back. Whether the noise is part of the engine failure or just coincidence I don't know. Either way its back.

Took it to a garage earlier, didn't have much time as had to pick son up from school. Quick look, he had no immediate idea, noise coming from around fan belt area at low revs, usually around the bite or when the car is decelerating. Only happens when car has been running for 10 mins or so.

No other real noises, signs. Can take a few seconds to start sometimes.

Basically my question is what (there seemed a lot) is around that area that could possibly make a ticking noise under these circumstances.

It's going in tomorrow, he said he's gong to take some bits off and see what happens. He could basically tell me anything so I'm here trying to get some sort of idea that I can research and not get bummed.

Is the timing chain in that area, as that's my fav at the moment. Closely followed by oil pump and pcv valve.

Sorry for vagueness but just trying to arm myself and not go through the rigmarole of replacing random parts that aren't the problem and save time and cash.

Merry Xmas all and thanks for reading and hopefully answering.


If anyone interested the car in the garage now. They have taken different bits off to try and eliminate things.

When the alternator belt was off, no sound. Seems the drive belt tensioner has gone. Being changed, so hopefully!

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  • sleaze
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    8 years ago
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    Could just be dry fan belt. Take some vasoline and rub it on the belt inside and out. Then start car to get it on all of the belt. It worked for me. hope that this is all it is.

    Good Luck

  • vavra
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    4 years ago

    The Mazda 6 does not have a timing chain yet a rubberised Timing Belt which desires changing at 6 years OR 75000 miles - whichever comes first in accordance to my owners preparation handbook - that's for the two petrol & diesel ameliorations

  • 8 years ago

    The Mazda 6 does not have a timing chain but a rubberised Timing Belt which needs changing at 6 years OR 75000 miles - whichever comes first according to my Owners handbook - this is for both petrol & diesel versions

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