Mazda 6 ticking noise. Replacement engine?


Right, I have a 2005 mazda 6 1.8s petrol. Recently a ticking sound came about from around under the centre console. The car lost a bit of power etc. took it to local garage and diagnosed as cat break down. So, replaced cat, middle and back box. The noise was still there but a little less. A few days later the engine went, tensioner slackened and pulled 2 teeth etc etc engine beyond repair.

Found replacement engine from accident damaged, same make, model, year with 49k. Had it put in and all fine for a week or so then noise came back ever so slightly.

The noise is random. I start the car it's fine. On my way to work I have to go about 9 miles, with a steep incline and decline about half way. The car goes up fine but the noise always starts as coming down. Seems as the engine is slowing the car down. If I knock it into neutral and freewheel, no noise. The noise is also prominent upon the bite, as the clutch comes up and accelerator down and under low revs. 2-3000.

I thought clutch, but after it starts when at standstill I can rev the car and as its slowing the noise is there. It's like a ticking sound.

Now, obviously I'm worried the engine will go again. I'm thinking oil pump, tensioner gone again, clutch or lifters.

I don't know anything about cars so apologise for vague description.

It's really annoying and worrying me. Due to the engine being different, I'm really looking at something that isn't part of the engine system that was replaced.

I gave the garage (which is decent) the remit of, while the engine is out check clutch, timing chain etc and replace what is needed. The clutch was ok and I assume the chain was fine and tensioner from new engine checked etc and adjusted.

Obviously taking the car to the garage is ideal but I've been seriously stuck for time tis last week and would like some ideas as to what it could possibly be.

Very frustrating, joys of motoring etc.

I would really appreciate any ideas, checks I could do to eliminate some things.

As I don't fully understand the workings of a car it may be something I've not thought of or something doing something I didn't expect it to.

Anyhow, thank you to anyone who spares the time to answer this.

Ill keep the additional comment box free so I can add any details I've missed or answer any questions.

Thank you.


This is for anyone with similar problem.

Firstly, thank you to the abrupt 2nd answer. No it was a different garage. Clearly I didn't look after it and accept full blame for engine going and not complaining about it.

Anyway, car dropped off in garage this morning. Took various bits off to eliminate things. The alternator drive belt tensioner seems to be the culprit.

Ordering a new one so should know by Thursday. Hopefully.

All the joys of motoring.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Get the inlet manifold checked.

    I believe the Mazda 6 uses an Mazda MZR engine.

    The Ford 'Duratec' engine is also a rebranded Mazda MZR one, and both the Mazda and Ford versions had problems with the inlet manifold 'swirl plates'.

    These are an extra set of butterfly-valve style plates set in the manifold near the cylinder head ports, designed to direct the airflow towards the fuel injectors at low throttle settings.

    Although the actual parts are rather different (metal / plastic) between the two versions of the engines, both had problems with parts wearing and/or dropping off in the earlier versions (starting somewhere about 2000, for a few years).

    One of the signs is a distinct ratting coming from the inlet manifold at tickover or light throttle, and on overrun when you take your foot off.

    If a part falls off completely, it can get stuck in a cylinder and cause valve damage - or possibly wreck the timing belt or tensioner due to overload. (???)

    [Mondeo owner who researched the engines when his manifold dropped to bits - see the links].

    As far as I am aware, this applies to the series of engines, regardless of the vehicle they are in.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well since I cant hear it and I suspect it is the injectors your hearing there are normal clicking sounds that come from engines when started also could be a lifter if in the push rod type of motor but I suspect its a foreign car v6 orI4 also when your driving it you wont hear the normal sounds but you will hear a rod or a lifter because in most cases when it is a lifter (in a pushrod engine ) it wont go away when driving and will be present at idle everywhere you stop like a stop light for example .I think your hearing the injectors they make a constant clicking sound that only gets higher in pitch as you drive it does not go away its normal for them to make clicking sounds as far as ticking does it stay with the car even when hotg and at stop lights if so then its most likely tappet clicking from normal wear the tappets are the area the push the valve down tolerance ,after many miles decreases and on cold starts you will hear until warm when the metal has expanded unless it is a deep metallic wrapping thud that just gets worse I would not sweat it too much but nagain your info was very vague don't know car ,engine size miles etc so I am guessing randomly but I cant sitr here and say nits a lifter that's always the first thing that people suspect usually its not its wear and vtear and most likely a tappet that's just wearing out you can adjust the valves but unless you replace the rocker arm and grind the stem of the valve you wont get true measurements because thee surfaces are worn with rounded edges next time give more info about the car and maybe you can clearer answers but like I I sad I cant assume its a lifter but can safely assume that its most likely wear and tear if your really worried take it to your trusted mechanic for a going over if it is a over head cam type motor its not a lifter since there referred to as buckets and are in direct contact with the cam

  • Neil B
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    8 years ago

    Did you just get the new engine and put it in? Did the monkeys who told you the ticking was the CAT do the work for you? Did you get your money back for them clearly telling you the wrong work needed doing? Do you ever service your car properly as you've managed to have the cam belt fail? Did you service the new engine, and has it had a new cam belt recently?

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