Baby name section : quick survey Q&A?

1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?(please explain your answer)

"A name is a first impression"

2. Do you pay attention to who is answering your question, or is it more important HOW they answer your question?

(For example, certain TC in this section give excellent,knowledgeable and helpful answers hence te reason they are TC others give useless,unhelpful rants hence the reason they are NOT TC)

3. Are there any users on here that you tend to agree with 99% of what they say? If so, name these users.

(For example, I almost always agree with everything users such as - Mughain, ninja robot, ArianwenEilir, samantha*ada and ceilidh*- have to say about certain things.

4. Do you like trendy names paired with traditional names (such as, Brynlie Elizabeth)

5. Have you found any other sites similar to YA in regards to being able to ask and receive feedback in this type of format?

Ty for answering.

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    8 years ago
    Favourite answer

    1. I agree with said statement, to a certain extent. After all, if you met two girls named Eleanor and Victoria, you wouldn't think less of one or the other (unless you've got a serious grudge against one of the names, for some particular reason). But, in general, if you were presented with two females named Elizabeth and Rylie - you'd likely think less of Rylie due to the masculine and illiterate status of her name, implying she comes from a lower-class family, may be an 'undesirable' character or, at the very least, has a pair of idiotic parents raising her. Either way, Elizabeth would naturally be considered more "proper", perhaps even more trust-worthy. The same can be said if two women named Sophia and Emersynne were to apply for the same job. One woman would be hired, and the odds are statistically not in Emersynne's favour.

    2. I pay attention to the users who answer my question. A vast majority of my favourite users provide me with intelligent, well-thought-out and unbiased answers, and I value those qualities and their judgments along with them. I often rely on the users I know to provide me with the feedback I need and, as such, it's rather rare for me to give BA to a user I am unfamiliar with.

    3. Ella, ♥Arianwen♥Eilir♥, ★Beautiful Melody★, Tჩe เภƒคო๏ยร Յยภภუ, ●ємιℓу●, d e l p h i n e, Dibs, Cher, cerrid, Joey (Magnus and Joelle), Elizabeth G. (to an extent). (I'm flattered by your mention of me, btw... ^///^)

    4. I HATE trendy names paired with traditional names. Yes, it would be nice for Brynlie to be able to fall back on the more sophisticated Elizabeth at some point during her life but, honestly, tryndee, illiterate and gender-inappropriate names do traditional names absolutely no justice! It sickens me to see pairings such as Mackynzee Grace or Addysyn Emmeline and such, because the trendy names just look like stains. They effectively sully the elegance, grace and sophistication of classics and traditional names deserve better than that!

    5. Nameberry is the only one I've found which comes close but, even then, I dislike the colour scheme, the fond is too small and the overall design/format is unattractive.

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    8 years ago

    I agree that a name is a first impression. Even if you have the most normal name in the world, people will associate that name, and you, with other people they know and experiences they've had with people with that same name. It also gives an idea on your class, background, parents and if it's really popular, the year you were born.

    It depends. I know I can rely on Mughain or Arianwen to be brutally honest which is the kind of answer I'm looking for. You get TC from getting the most BAs, and a lot get BAs from just sucking up. I get most of my BAs through votes, generally when I've been brutal, honest, or just generally amusing. I tend not to give BAs just cus I'm lazy, unless I want to reply to a comment.

    Mughain and Ceridd (unless it's about America with Ceridd). Muggle and I have surprisingly similar tastes in names, and the same style of either gushing or destroying in an answer, yet our name lists are totally different!

    It depends. If it's an obvious middle name like Grace, Marie, Rose or Elizabeth, they've put no effort into it and so shouldn't even be allowed their child (because they won't put effort into the kid, either!) but if it's something like Brynlie and they just happen to love it, not trying to be trendy or stupid or anything, paired with say.... Hennessay, the maiden name of their dead mum, it's very nice and I much approve.

    Yes. But I don't remember what it was, and haven't been back, so it obviously wasn't very good.

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    4 years ago

    Question 1 : What do you feel of the name Ada Violet (for a woman)? It is lovely, however I've certainly not been too eager on Ada. It's brief and sweet, however I a lot decide upon Ava. Question 2 : What are your prime 3 biggest pet peeves in the youngster name section? - Being ridiculed for utilising heritage names - humans making false accusations - individuals in an effort to sort out a story about how so much they hate the title you will have chosen, as an alternative of effectively answering the query query three : What do you suppose of the boys identify Adam Bentley? I fairly like Adam. It's lovely and a while good. However, i am now not eager on Bentley as all i will be able to believe of is cars. Query 4 : What degree are you and what's your BA percentage? Stage 5; 18% question 5 : What do you feel of this sib-set : Lola Madeleine and Lila Magdelene? A ways to similar and i am not keen on the name Lila Magdelene. Question 6 : who're your high three favorite contributors in the youngster title section? I can not absolutely suppose of my prime three from the highest of my head, so i will simply record three usernames i will bear in mind. -blank -harlo (sure, you. Headquartered off of your final answer on my query, I consider you have been fairly reasonable) -Angela query 7 : who are your bottom three (least appreciated) contributors in the baby name part? -Arianwen -Georgia -The infamous Bunny query 8 : Do you go by any aliases? If so what are they? No

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    8 years ago

    1. I agree somewhat; if someone has a very pretentious name you might assume this also applies to their characteristics, similarly to someone having a unusually spelt or made up name, this might lead you to assume something about their lifestyle. However, many other things can add to your first impressions of people, and I wouldn't say their name is necessarily the most important detail.

    2. For me it would be how they answered the question; details, reasons, helpful answers, factual or supported opinions, depending on the question. However, if I am familiar with someone who has answered a question and it is known they always give helpful, appropriate answers, this might influence me also.

    3. I'm not really familiar enough with any to say so.

    4. I don't necessarily dislike them; it really depends on each name with me, not the style (trendy/traditional, etc). Brynlie Elizabeth I really like, though.

    5. None as helpful; I also much prefer this layout to answering questions in forums, etc.

    Hope I helped.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Most of the time, yes. It is previous associations with that name that color my impression.

    2. Yes, I do. Some are on a soap box, but others seems to really care about the issue at hand.

    3. Not 99%, no.

    4. Yes.

    5. No.

    Good luck.

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