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Women: How would you react if your partner wanted a paternity test done on your newborn?


I know that I would end things with him on the spot, husband or boyfriend or whatever. If he couldn't trust me, he shouldn't have been in a relationship with me to begin with. Of course, he'd still get his paternity test and then feel like a huge, newly single jerk with a baby.


There are a lot of women pretending to be men on here. Weird.

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    If he does then clearly he does not trust me so, for sure he can have a DNA test, and then he can start paying child support as he enjoys his newly single life.

    @WOODY - so you DONT want to waste tax payers money paying for contraception for women, but you DO want to waste tax money on dna testing on the off chance that some poor, precious man might have shagged a skank? LOL. MRA logic is truly priceless!

  • 7 years ago

    I think it's a man's right to know. Granted, he should be entirely responsible to pay for it. I wouldn't be upset if he requested a paternity test if it came down to child support and visitation. If you're married and live together, it would be borderline unreasonable in my opinion, unless your husband and you have had trust issues before in the past. I'm in full favor of DNA tests being done on every child born. A man has a lot hinging on a woman claiming he's a daddy. It makes a man think hard about life and what the future holds.

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    4 years ago

    The guy is lying to probably postpone paying your friend. He can go to the place to get swabbed and your friend can take actually one of the babies (since they're twins) at a later time. They do not all have to attend at the same time either. I have a friend who did it immediately after her child was born. Also, you can do it through an amnio test while pregnant, although, of course not recommended just for dna paternity purposes.

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    8 years ago

    "If he couldn't trust me, he shouldn't have been in a relationship with me to begin with. Of course, he'd still get his paternity "


    That's not really fair or right tbh... You basically said you don't trust him as much as you'd like to say "he doesn't trust you"

    IMO if he says that it's because he cares and trusts you also doesn't want to be used... The amount of paternity fraud is increasing not decreasing

    "I think I would suspect him of cheating - the only guy I was ever with who cheated on me was one who was constantly saying I was cheating on him and I wasn't. Now I know the signs - if they don't trust you - don't trust them."

    ^ That is a fair assumption to a degree... It needs to be "constant" if he does it casually it is because he cares and wants the truth... but if he is constantly doing it well then he's probably cheating LOL

    it's the same thing with homophobic people... Most homophobes are homosexual themselves {I know from reading a study done to prove it AND personal experience as a spectator POV }

    "I would get one asap, and then go about finding out why I had lost his trust."

    ^ Fair enough... See that is what someone who is probably trust worthy would say... It might not be because you lost his trust though

    If he asks constantly / a lot == probably cheating;

    else if

    If (he asks casually == doesn't want to be used || wants the truth && actuallyCares || All3AndEtc);

    Source(s): I am Male btw What are you going to do about my rebellion :D Oh no a TD!!!! Good anti rebellion
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  • 8 years ago

    I cannot speak for the ladies. It is regrettably necessary. All newborns should have paternity/maternity tests so that they (pbut) will know their parentage when/if they become adults. The percentages are shockingly high for false paternity. It does not HAVE to be a DNA test. There are other, cheaper tests that can be done first. Making tax-payers foot the bill is problematic. Tax-payers (pbut) should not be on the hook to pay for children unless they have a voice in their creation and up-bringing.

    Tax-funded contraception is another matter, because contraception device and drug manufacturers do not guarantee 100% effectiveness of their products, so they avoid paying all expenses related to children.

    The child is entitled to know the truth. ... As is the real father.

  • Mabe
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    I wouldn't have a problem with it. I would want him to be confident that the child was his. I know that I would want to know if I were a man, that the child was mine. If this is what it took, to make him more confident with it, then I would have it done. His trust issues might not be something I did, but something he is doing that is reflecting on me. So I can't say that I wouldn't be having some issues with it and thinking that I might need to be aware of what's going on in the relationship. Either way it's a good thing for it to be on record for the child's sake.

  • 8 years ago

    Im a guy but i think the woman that shouldnt be offended are the ones that are known for partying, hanging out with people w/o their bf, etc. A prior history of being a bad gf

  • 7 years ago

    Look there's no such thing as a women who never lied there manipulative as hell when they want to be so DNA rest if you feel that way it's for a reason not like they always come out yours either so

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    And you see female, this nullifies your previous answer to that question when you said something like: "If he wants a DNA test, he should go do it himself". I'm sure you were well aware it would cause mayhem in their relationship by merely asking for a paternity test. This is exactly why (among other reasons) they should be mandatory under governmental policies. It would prevent all the hassle and "trust issues".

    Of course, as a female, it will only disadvantage you and be a huge obstacle if ever you were to cheat. I wouldn't expect your species to ever support mandatory paternity tests anyway.

    Source(s): EDIT: Stats show that at least 10-20% of newborns in the West aren't fathered by their biological fathers. With rates so high, it's only fair to want to make sure it's really yours.
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    Hospitals tend to mix up babies you know...how would you feel two years down the road that the child you are raising isnt your and your child who shares your DNA is out there in the world without you.

  • Gerard
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    8 years ago

    I think it's pretty much irrelevant, because when a man does that he obviously is not concerned about the feelings of the woman, and the relationship is essentially already over. He is concerned about protecting his bank account from fraud, which is a legitimate concern given that paternity fraud is very common, but obviously no woman will enjoy the insinuation that she is sexually disloyal and no woman will want physical legal evidence that she is, in fact, a ho.

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