How has social networking changed the world?

Please could you give quite a few points, thank you!

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    7 years ago
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    It increased people's stupidity level for one.

    It allows us to talk to people from around the world and learn about other cultures.

    It can aid in job searches.

    It can help reunite you with lost friends or relatives.

    It gives you new ways to stalk people without them knowing.

  • 3 years ago

    No, i do no longer use social networking. i'm no longer a social individual by nature, yet i do no longer think of i might besides... I attempt to no longer spend lots of time in front of a visual reveal unit. I examine my e mail regularily, I frequently bypass on Youtube (usually for song - i'm a guitarist) and occassionally I bypass to Yahoo solutions... I do little examine on line and that i by no capacity use MSN messager like lots of of my friends. lots of the folk i comprehend who're around my age (15-sixteen) spend approximately 4-6 hours each evening on facebook or msn. it extremely is often pointless chatter that couls just to boot be carried out in school the next day, no longer to point over the telephone or extremely face-to-face with the guy exterior of school. there is one among those difficulty as being too linked socially. i do no longer see why a individual needs to be wearing on a communique with their acquaintances all day. To me it variety of appears like an invasion of privateness and a extensive waste of time. Having a social existence is definitely a sturdy difficulty - even though it is going to no longer develop into your in basic terms existence.

  • 7 years ago

    People are now more able to share information very quickly, that can be good but, on the other hand, people are less likely to engage in face-to-face interactions because we can send people a text invitations or a facebook message unless it is anything urgent. So people, in turn, have more loose relationship rather than the traditional tightly-knitted group of friends who regularly go out with one another and have regular chats.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, it did. Social marketing made me available to my friends anytime they can make time to look at it. Think, if you have connection to facebook, twitter, linked-it, most of your friends can easily find your status and send messages, too or discuss and so you can do with them, just when ever you wish.

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