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What are your top 5 horror movies from 2011 to 2012?

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    The Loved Ones - This technically came out in 2009...In Australia. It took three years to be released over here...namely for the graphic violence. A depressed boy is kidnapped by a girl obsessed with the ceremonious prom. Sounds cliched right? Well this movie has horror scenes involving knives, bleach, drills, rocks, guns, nails, and lobotimization. Not to mention an interesting soundtrack that plays to many of these horrifying scenes. There is suspense, brutality, and a few Badass Moments. It's grotesque, thrilling movie that takes its time in more ways than one. It scared me horribly enough. This is the only PURE horror film I could think of.

    The Cabin in the Woods - This is satire of horror films. It pokes fun at horror films, celebrates them, and is one itself. The comedy is a bit more heavy but I assure you that there are a few terrifying moments. As well as a few emotional ones. And many hilarious ones. And a few ambiguous ones. And many gory ones...

    Prometheus - Though it is very much a science fiction, there are a decent amount of moments that may have you cringing. It is very suspenseful too. Lots of casualties on a foreign planet.

    Sinister - A genuinely creepy film about disturbing subject matter. The characters are likable enough to make you care if they die. It is mostly jump scares but nearly all of them work.

    The Woman in Black - Sometimes creepy. Sometimes predictable. Holds a creepy atmosphere throughout though.

    I can't think of anymore good ones, so here's all the bad:

    Paranormal Activity 4 - Boring as hell. Not as fun as Part 3. Product placement for Pepsi and Xbox Kinect

    Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Boy was this horrifying!

    Pitch Perfect - Parts of this generally were horrifying

    Resident Evil: Retribution - Indulgent, Unfunny, unsexy, unscary. Wait those last two words don't exist...

    The Possession - Horribly Boring. It's basically a remake of The Haunting in Connecticut from 2009.

    The Watch - A movie so horrifying that a cancer patient under the Make-A-Wish Foundation wished that Ben Stiller would quit making movies. I'm not kidding! Look it up!

    Piranha 3DD - Boring. Cliched characters. A funny performance from a self aware David Hasslehoff.

    Almost soft porn at times. They tried to make a so-bad-its-good movie on purpose and did it backfire!

    Chernobyl Diaries - Shot horribly on shaky cam. Murder fodder characters. The Same story as The Hills Have Eyes...only in Chernobyl...

    Dark Shadows - This despicable anal cavity of a movie counts doesn't it? It certainly had me cringing.

    Silent House - Boring. Exploitative. Crass. Do I have to keep talking about this thing?

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    Rec 2



    The Cabin in the Woods

    Final Destination 5


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    it is a really good horror movie with a twist of action. Zombies are great especially the fighting scenes I saw. Hot Asian Chick. Wonderful story.


    it is a really good horror movie. It is like a reality show. Very mysterious

    Rank 3 = DETENTION

    it is a really shocking movie. Focuses in teens. High school Life

    Rank 4 = PIRANHA 3DD

    it is a really excotic and hardcore movie even though it is not a ghost, killer, or zombie movie but still it is worth it. Really sensitivity porn. really good story

    Rank 5 = THE RITE

    it is a shocking movie. About ghost possession. really scary. And really exciting

    P.S. I've watch those and they're all good. Very nice movies and they are only 2011-2012... hope you enjoy everythinh ^_^

    Source(s): FROM MY IDEA (obviously)
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    High-quality: 1 the lion king 2 lion king 2 3 smokey and the bandit four national treasure 5 smokey and the bandit 2 worst: 1 silent hill 2 i cant consider of any i do not like although i do know there are some simply have no idea what there referred to as.

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    Insidious was pretty good.

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