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Should a 14 year old girl shave her pubic vagina hair?

I'm 18, but my little sisters 14.. she wanted to know weather it's ok to shave her vagina? If so should she shave it all off completely or just a little bit? Like a trim?

I've never shaved mine but apparently boys like it hairless and it attracts them more? Is this true, or don't they mind it hairy, or do like like it trimmed?

My sisters not asking because of the boy think btw, I just thought while I was asking this question I'll ask that as well.. haha

Thanks for all the good answers:)

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    I think it is better to Wax than shave, because shaving your vagina sometimes causes in grown hair, which, if she is only 14 isn't good. But then again she is 14 and she might not be able to take the pain, also waxing gives are smoother finish and just i find it better, however, everyone is different. I think she should trim it often though, because nobody wants a big bush down there. Lol. Plus: its cleaner.

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    It's normal to start shaving at any age in that region, but it's a matter of personal preference. If you want it shaved, go ahead and shave it. If you would rather not shave it, then don't. Here are a few things to take into consideration: Use summers eve or a similar brand of initimate cleanser and NOT a standard shaving gel which can cause an infection. Make sure that the hair has been soaked for at least 10 minutes (the bath tub is a good place for that). Use a sharp, clean disposable razor every time that you shave down there and throw it away when you are finished. Get yourself some Maximum Strength Vagisil to use when the itching starts as the hair begins to grow back in (it will itch like crazy).

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    Gusy have different likes short, long, trimmed, no hair its more of do you want to keep up with shaving it. Shaving when the hair grows back its itchy i suggest to trimm if their is no guy in you life but before s*x shave it all off. Do not shave up, shave with the grain if you accidently shave up dont worry the bumps are razor burn and some are acne bumps. People have suggested to put acne wash so it prevents acne there but i wouldnt do that if i were you it might burn if it get in you vagina im a guy so i dont have that problem. And also buy a special pubic razor and you can conditioner for shaving cream if you do use shaving cream use specific pubic shaving cream.

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    Well, I guess it depends how she feels about it. If she's not ready to have sexual intercourse with a guy (which I think she shouldn't at that age) then she can just trim it. It's whatever makes her feel comfortable. It seems like this question consist of what guys like. So I believe most guys like the hair all off. If she's not worried about what boys think of it then why is she asking? I think she can first start trimming then gradually shave it all off when she's ready.

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    If shes sexually active then yes but if not she should keep it trimmed cause its alot cleaner and some boys dont care either way but most like it all shaved or you could always do the stipe in the middle

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    Um yes. Honestly, in my opinion, I think that a female should have no hair from the neck and down. I think that at any age when a female starts noticing hair they should start shaving. It's kinda nasty to leave it there because pubic hair can hold bad odor. >_<

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    tell her to do bit at a time until she feels she has done enough but for me its got to be totally gone, so hot seeing hairless girl

    shame she not older as i would offer to shave it for her!!

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    Little Girl Shaved *****

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