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Metro Pass for Paris (Paris Visite)?

Hi all,

I am just wondering if anyone could tell me where I can buy a 3 day metro card for Paris, usually called a Paris Visiste pass? I have looked on several websites but I am a bit concerned that some of them may be fraudulent websites as they are quite undeveloped and unprofessional (usually official websites are quite neat looking).

Thank you.

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    You can buy a Paris Visite card at the website of the Tourist Office of Paris, it's the official website, so safe.

    Otherwise, simply buy the Paris Visite card at any tube station, it won't take you much time. Instead of the Paris Viste card, you can simply buy day travelcards called Mobilis, they cost 6,40€ per day, zones 1 to 2 (you won't need more than that if you don't plan to go outside Paris) but I'd purchase the Paris Visite because it only costs a few extra euros and gives some interesting reductions.

    Check the different options at the links below.

    Tourist Office of Paris

    Public transport

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    Just get them at any Metro Station in Paris. They cost 12 euros and give you 10 tickets.

    Ask for "Carnet de billets svp"

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