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how to hide self harm cuts without bracelets,long sleeves or makeup?

i'm doing a h.e practical tomorrow and we have to take off all bracelets and roll up our sleeves. i am dreading this so much. how do i cover this without bracelets, long sleeves or makeup? i really need help! my cuts are so bad and noticable.

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    I don't think you can hide them without any of those. Try and tell someone you trust, and they can tell the school and explain the situation. Maybe you can get that lesson off whilst they sort something out.

    But really, the best way to hide scars is to stop altogether and find professional help. Less scars means they're easier to hide :)

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    stop cutting

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    well you can try putting bandages on, and if you dont want to look like that i guess you could use concealer or foundation. you could even put foundation on over the bandages if thats possible

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    put on makeup, i know you asked for without it but i think it is the best answer

    also in the future when you want to cut try the butterfly challenge.What you do is when you want to cut you take a marker and you draw a butterfly and you name it after the person you know that wants you to stop. You can’t take the butterfly off, you have to let it fade. If you cut while you have the butterfly, you’ve killed the butterfly. You can draw as many as you want or you can just draw one to support the idea

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    I understand how you feel because I use to self harm quite a lot too & I would feel embarrassed about showing my arms etc. I rarely ever wear short sleeves out side because I get cold easily so it was pretty easy for me to hide them. There's really not many ways you can cover it up otherwise. Maybe you could wear gloves or I would just seriously recommend putting a bit of foundation over it. You could keep your hands in your pockets most of the time (if you have any pockets). You could also hide the cuts using plasters or a bandage (just lie saying that you cut it by accident or something). Usually in practicals nobody really notices things like that because they're too busy paying attention to the activity. You can't hide the cuts but you could make them less noticeable by staying away from people & just staying in the background with a few of your friends, that way you'll have less nosy people around you. However you shouldn't be self harming yourself, life is amazing & if you're finding it difficult then you should seriously talk to someone, there's a lot of people who care about you but may not show it so think about how they'd feel if you end up ending your life! Get help before the damage is done! & anyway if anyone notices the cuts then you could always make an excuse (maybe a cat scratched you or you broke a plate yesterday & some glass went into your wrist.. you can probably come up with better lies than me) Best of luck & seriously would advise you to get some help! I use to self harm & stopping it has changed my life for better!

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    Who will be seeing your arms? If its just one person, try to find a trusted friend in class to do the practical with- so you won't be embarrassed to show them.

    If that's not an option or more people will see- talk to the teacher and see if you can do it privately. Explain the situation and avoid being in class during the practical.

    If NONE of that works.. well... be brave... it will be over quickly... and I'm sure if people are going to say stuff behind your back- it will be forgotten soon once the next gossip emerges.

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    7 years ago

    why don't you stay home, like pretend to be sick or something?I know it isn't really helpfull but i can't think of anything else

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