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Why did Hannibal Rising receive negative critics?

I find the movie great, I cant grasp why so negative response.It is made to show how Lecter became a serial killer, and I think it showed that great.Set in WW2,very creepy(good creepy) and thrilling.Maybe its not the same "type" as Anthony Hopkins movies are but why should that make it bad?


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    You could answer your own question by reading the reviews in question.

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    considering which you could sympathize with him. youthful Hannibal killing his sufferers isn't acceptable, yet you could understand why. He provides suitable expertise to how and why Anthony Hopkins as a senior Hannibal does what he does. i discovered Hannibal increasing to be pleasing for no different reason than I regarded at Hannibal by using fact the hero in this action picture, vice Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal to be a questionable and feared killer.

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