i bought this blue & white toast spread with popping candy in albert heijn the netherlands what was it called?

i bought this blue and white toast spread with popping candy in albert heijn what was it called help

it was a soft marshmallow consistancy the also had half red and white and green and white i think

im trying to find somthing similar or somehwere that i can get it delivered to the uk

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have never heard about it nor seen it, and a search through the Albert Heijn site did not show anything I think it might be. But do a search for yourself:


    Other search words would be 'broodbeleg' (bread toppings) 'zoet' (sweet)

    It does sound interesting and I will have a look when I am in one of their shops. So keep an eye on the comments to this Q in the next few weeks.


    I have been to the shop and did find the spread.

    Half of it seems to be the same as the white part of Duo penotti.

    The coloured part, I have seen it in blue and bought it in pink, is less chocolate like but not yet marshmellow.

    It is called Knetter Gekke Pasta. And it is the shop brand Albert Heijn.

    The 'address' on the jar is: Albert Heijn Zaandam, www.ah.nl

    If I were you I would write to the company and try to get them to tell you how you can buy it in the UK or get it delivered from the Netherlands.

    An other approach would be to find a company that sells Duo Penotti, or chocolate paste in the UK and ask them.

    In case all fails, contact people you know in the Netherlands and arrange for them to send off a box.

    PS, if you had had your e-mail option open, I would have send you an e-mail with the information. If you need more help you can contact me, the e-mail on my profile is open, you will have to open your e-mail too.

    Source(s): A visit to the shop.
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  • 7 years ago

    When my first child was born in Delfzijl how surprised was the wife, when after delivery of a baby girl the first food she received was pink sugar on french toast haha ha. Lekker hoor.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    muisjes are given when a child is born blue boy pink girl on a rusk

    the other variant could be named vruchtenhagel different colours

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