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I don't want to go to college? Preferably female advice.?


I am 19 and in college. I'm at a community college but can transfer to a good SUNY school in a few years if I work hard. I already have a contract with a good college and I'm pretty set on my major.

However, everywhere I turn, I seem to face more and more sexism. I have already run into multiple sexist professors. I just ignore them and keep my chin up, I don't care much for their personal opinions anyways.

Now, I am learning that I will likely make significantly less money in my field as a female. A female professor who went into the same career I did (she has a double PHD and teaches at a COMMUNITY COLLEGE) was telling the class that females will make less money and have a harder time getting into my career than males.

I'm wondering if it is even worth it. College creates student loans, and what if I don't even get the career I want? I can make money doing things that don't necessarily require a degree. Programming and graphic design, or even web camming. I keep thinking to myself, what am I trying to prove anyways? Even if I dropped out and became a cam girl or anything else, I'd get treated the same way everywhere I go. I would become a feminist and fight against all of this, but I have other things I want to do in life, and just don't have the time for all of these setbacks.


Grant, Feminism is a major in college. It is a legitimate thing, not just stuff you hear about on 4chan or what else. People who major in feminism do social activism world-wide to promote gender equality. They recently changed the definition of sexual assault to include male victims. Feminism is also towards gender equality.

I know a few women personally who get paid less than men they work with, and they are in different fields. Please stop trying to invalidate these experiences. They are real.

Update 2:

Cognitive science.

Update 3:

Okay, decided to stay in college. I'll do what cherry guy said and i think ill do camming on the side to make cash. my parents wouldn't care because they're not weird about sex like that. I think I was just in a little niche and wanted some reassurance. thanks everyone. :)

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    7 years ago
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    well, the difficulty of finding a good-paying job in your chosen profession is real and probably something you should consider, especially with the future being so uncertain these days.

    regarding men getting paid more than women, women DO get paid less than men in almost every field, so i wouldn't let that be a big deciding factor. it's just the way it is. there are some women who work their way to the top of their professions and earn a lot of $$; few and far between, but still.

    here is something else you could consider. if i had it to do all over again, i would choose a profession where i get a little exercise and not sit at my desk for 8 or 12 hours a day. ugh. i wish so much i could get up and move around more. i understand this has nothing to do with academics, but it has affected my hips and knees. a friend whose husband drives a truck told me it is the same with truck drivers---bad knees and hips secondary to sitting too much. just a thought.

    also, how important is a PhD to you? did you have your heart set on being Doctor so and so? or is it not that important to you? some people have a drive, a need almost, to achieve this or that, and they stop at nothing. if that's you, go for it. i think you would be disappointed in yourself if you didn't at least try (if it's that important to you).

    only you can decide what you want to do with your life... of course... but if you believe in God, i urge you to turn to Him and let Him guide you down the path that is right.

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  • 7 years ago

    In this day and age, it's very important to get an education. Not sure what your major is. The profession you choose will definitely play a factor in the amount of money you make. Some fields are more demanding than others. A couple of questions and comments for you:

    1. Have you researched online the average salary for your desired career in different parts of the country?

    2. Sexism - I'm in graduate school right now. I attended the same public university for my BA. I have never encountered any form of sexism at any time during my education, which started at a community college. If you believe you are being mistreated, you really need to step up and report it. If that doesn't work, hire an attorney. Change schools. Don't forget that you have options.

    3. Salary - it is statistically true that women in general are paid slightly less than their male peers; however, this does depend on your profession and you have the power to negotiate your desired salary. One of the most important things for you to remember is that whether you are male or female, it is *imperative* that when you go out looking for your first post-graduate job that you make sure you know who you are, what you want, and most importantly, why YOU are relevant to your profession. You might have to fight for it depending on where you end up, but it will be worth it in the end.

    My final word of advice - yes, definitely stay in school. I'm 36 years old and really regret not getting it out of the way sooner. Good luck to you.

    ***Edit: I somehow missed your comment about being a feminist major. Sorry about that. My original answer still applies.

    Source(s): Experience. Working toward my MA in professional and technical communication.
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  • If you don't need a degree to do your thing (web design for example) then don't go to college. Just study your @ss off by yourself.

    As for college, I got a 3.87 GPA and it means NOTHING. I work in the meat department putting hotdogs back. It's pathetic. But at least I'm not homeless. And, seeing as how National College did such an abysmal job (they actually gave someone PHP and Javascript classes BEFORE teaching them HTML. How F'd up is that? That's the kind of lame diploma mill National College is.)

    but anyway, I now study what I want to study: art.

    So chase your dream. And chase ONE dream. Don't change your mental major half way through. Chase that dream til it starts to pay money. THEN you can dabble in whatever strikes your fancy.

    Oh, and I'm a dude, despite my hot chick avatar. A dude with an honorable discharge( Marine Corps), a 173 IQ, putting hotdogs back where they belong. But I also get to close the seafood counter. Wow. I am so filled with pride.


    Want some more advice? This is going to sound F'd up but it's coming from a dude who's worked fast food for over 10 years. Do porn. You're 19. Pose for Barely Legal or Gallery or Hustler or whatever. Sure, it may not be all that OK with your parents or whatever but it beats flipping burgers. Why do porn or nude modeling? To pay the bills. You do a little bit of porn every month and suddenly you DON'T have to work the register at Taco Bell or whatever. So you can study your @ss off instead of putting in 40 hours and then having to unwind b/c you hate work so much and THEN trying to do the web design stuff.

    Oh, and in porn the women make more than the men. Just thought I'd put that out there.

    You don't have time for set backs? Yes. You do. What you DON'T have time for is waffling on your dream. You DO have time to work at Taco Bell AS LONG AS WHEN YOU GET OFF, YOU STUDY OR STRIVE TOWARDS YOUR DREAM. What you DON'T have time for is working your shift in whatever shytty (no offense) job you're stuck with and then going to a party or going surfing (unless surfing is, in fact, your passion) or whatever. But set backs are what life is actually pretty much about. Much the same way that the ocean is about salt water.

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  • 4 years ago

    Im 22 and a senior in college. I do not think it is the fact that girls are more attracted to guys who play sports or who are in a fraternity, personally I find this less attractive. Perhaps guys that are in the categories you describe seem to have more confidence and this is what attracts girls. I would suggest to try to be more outgoing. If you are friendly and seem like a fun guy to be around then girls will be interested in getting to know you.

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  • 7 years ago

    I would stick it out. You may be able to learn how to network. When you get older you will always regret not attending collage. I assume you know about women not being able to break the glass ceiling. I don't know if that will ever change. Good Luck to you.

    Source(s): Life
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  • 7 years ago

    what is the field?

    To view this from a practical point of view, the point of getting a job is to earn money to live. Take note of the (relative) cost/benefit ratio of any money and time you spend on your education.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    "I would become a feminist and fight against all of this"


    gender equality is what you'd want of fight for, dude.

    even then, that whole "females get paid less" is just trash. it usually never holds up, and even if it does, it's because the employer is sexist as ****, not the field.

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  • 7 years ago

    Go to college and get the degree. Buy hey, what do I know, I am an aye-aye.

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  • MYOB
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    7 years ago

    Follow your heart!

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  • whats your field?

    dont make a excuse to leave school.

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