Fundraising ideas for charity?

I would really like to do something for charity, as I am only 16 I believe fundraising would be a great idea , I can't think of any fundraising ideas that I could do. Any ideas?

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    Creating or Holding a Successful Community Event or Fund Raising Event.

    Fund Raising For a Cause or Organization

    Community Service and Volunteering by Teens: How to Find Opportunities

    Very detailed information that discusses your many, many options - the usual and many activities you probably never thought of. Includes instructions on how to find specific volunteering opportunities (with animals, with children, just for one day, volunteer vacations, etc.).

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  • 8 years ago

    Hi Nicole!

    There are plenty of fundraising ideas out there, however, some will just waste your time and energy. First thing when choosing a fundraiser is picking one that provides VALUE to the people who will be supporting your group. Meaning, the fundraising product is well worth the money that is given by the people. You will get far more "yes's" than "no's". Take candy bars or cookie dough, do these products provide value to customers? No. Most people have no need for these and in most cases, these products are way too over-priced - and people now that.

    In my experience, a fundraising product that works and works well (providing the most value to people) is fundraising discount cards. A good discount card fundraiser (and only a high quality one, NOT a low-quality discount card fundraiser) can have people begging you for one. Do your research and find a product that provides good value for the hard-earned dollars that you're asking for. In the end, you will raise a whole lot more and that is what it's all about.

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  • 8 years ago

    Try selling something that your supporters will actually want. Not products that they can get on their own right down the street and usually for a cheaper price. A very good product that gives value to supporters is fundraising cards. The thing about fundraising discount cards is that the supporters save well more than what they actually paid for the card. Xtraman Fundraising has the industries best fundraising cards should you decide to go with a discount card fundraiser - and it doesn't cost anything upfront... Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What a few coffee fundraiser? Distinctiveness espresso and drinks are an exploding market nationwide and folks are going to purchase it anyway. Java Joe's Roasting manufacturer is an upstate the big apple headquartered coffee roaster, who makes a speciality of fundraising. Businesses will realise a revenue of $2.50 or more per bag sold. The products will probably be custom-made to promote your group (gratis) and there are not any established prices or minimums. This fundraising application is equitable and presents your supporters a firstclass functional product that's best for day-to-day use. Just right good fortune! I hope I was able to help. P.S. My son's preschool made $2,496 in the course of a 2 week campaign.

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  • 8 years ago

    bake sale

    car wash

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