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LED TV back-light bleeding?

Is it normal for LED TV's to have back-light bleeding to some extent? I have a new Samsung tv and when starting it up you can see that the back-light is very uneven but when on AV, HDMI and Free view, the backlight is perfectly fine (apart from some uneven lit LED areas which is barely visible unless you move your eyes slowly across the screen). When I go onto the smart mode and there is anything black, you can clearly see the unevenly lit areas but I don't use smart TV anymore. The only thing that bothers me about it really is when going into smart setting and watching movies on Love Film. Is it a common thing that can occur on any LED lit TV?

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    "Is it normal for LED TV's to have back-light bleeding to some extent?"


    It is due to the way all LED / LCD televisions work - a 'shuttering' process, that makes the screen darker or lighter. Some TVs are worse than others, but most LED / LCDs televisions suffer from back-light bleed to some extent.

    Plasma TVs don't, because they don't have back-lghts.That's just one of the many advantages that plasma TVs have, over LED / LCD TVs. Which is why I own a plasma TV...

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  • Rich
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    If it is new, I would return it for another. Samsung is a good model, and I believe you have at least 60 days to return, if you bought from a reputable dealer.. Not a normal occurance.. (I have several Samsungs..) No problems like that.. (LED)

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  • 4 years ago

    Indestructible Tactical LED Flashlight :

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  • rivero
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    3 years ago

    no longer that I heard of...the plasma television was once fairly be fairly undesirable for it yet now they have fix it so the exhibit screen burn only final for a jiffy or could be fairly undemanding to do away with

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  • 7 years ago

    Get it replaced under your warranty.

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