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what will a post presidential America look like?

you decide how you think americans will react if their choice does not prevail.I expect strange answers,but would like some serious annalist of what smart people really anticipate will be the way the populous deals with the results,what ever they may be.God?bad? social breakdown?please give your opinion.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm no expert in anything, but I'm curious about almost everything. I have come to understand that in the U.S. nothing will ever make Americans riot or at least do serious protests--including closing down businesses for 24 hours or so--unless there is a serious shortage of food or gasoline. And I don't mean like in New York right now, but for something which would last much longer. Otherwise Americans remain as calm as possible. Why? Because money is still everything, and most people in the U.S. still have enough money to buy at least food and most of the time gas!

    This does not mean that if for some outstanding reason beyond all reason Mitt Romney were to win (I don't say this sardonically, but rather because the electoral colleges are benefiting Obama right now and because for every person here on YA wanting Romney, 10 or 15 want Obama), so if Romney were to win, it is only logical that the U.S. transforms itself into those horrible days at the end of 2000 when the "pregnant" chads left all Floridians and most of the nation fixed to the TVS trying to see who really won, Bush or Gore. And then there were all those back and forths among different courts, etc.

    If Obama wins (which he should, for all I have just mentioned), I do not think the Romney camp will contest it--unless it's by a short amount of votes, and/ or some huge fraud is believed to have been done.

    As for the country, economically and socially, I am sorry to say that I believe it will only get extremely worse. Why? Because if Romney wins it will be a matter of months before most social services benefits are lowered or completely yanked, and that would spell chaos for so many cities, towns and entire counties.

    If Obama wins, some of what I just told you, would still take place--up to a lesser extent--because Speaker of the House John Boehner and other Republicans will tighten the screws on Obama's plans as much as they can possibly can.

    If you top al this with the fact that most countries in Europe are having huge problems, and that even when the U.S. deals its own cards in it, still Europe not only will see a dark day, but us here in the U.S. will suffer consequences. Yes, Brazil our wealthy imitator to the South has made big strides, but if what I'm reading is true it will take much more than national Brazilians to keep that country going. The things I've read about them recently are not the most encouraging!!!

    So, on the outside, America will look pretty much the same. Extremely wealthy and high upper class will fail to see its misery. But all the ones below those two social/economic classes, will see changes coming.

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  • 8 years ago

    Romney was selected to run against Obama so Obama could win. The first time I heard that said, it struck a chord.

    This seems like proof that the above statement may indeed be true, although you have to admit Romney is a great acter, trying to appear to want to win yet it is too obvious he is delibeerately sabatauging his own campaign, .trying his darnedest not to make it too obvious is wants to destroy his own credibility. Notice how Mr. Nice and Likeable Obama never points out the lies that Romney tells?

    He isn't worried because he knows that famous quote by Roosevelt "Presidents are selected, not elected.",

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