if trump has 5 milion for obama?

Why does he keep filing for bankruptcy.He has filed at least 4 times for his different companies,costing his creditors,and the public millions.Dodging your debts,while waving 5 million dollars around is pure hypocrisy.Romney taxes,trumps bankruptcy(at least 4 times), I see the connection now.Money for the super rich.This is not capitalism,it's cheating the American system.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Trump knows Obama would never release the transcripts

    BO can't

    it would be the end

  • 8 years ago

    The big money in a corporation is sitting there in the Employees Retirement funds. If you can get your hands on that, screw the business. As long as the repubes vote down every bill for no other reason than to watch Obama get no credit for anything how can things improve. The answer is to show congress that we are not stupid, that we see what the are doing and the voters are not going to elect people who are not for improving our country as first priority.

    It is really simple to find out where someone stands on the issue of economic improvement. Just ask.

    If you could throw a penny into the ocean and when it hits the bottom our country would suddenly become prosperous again. We would all have a job and a house. Even those who didn't have a house before. But it is the only chance to throw the coin and the prosperity would happen while Obama was in office... Would you toss the penny?

    The answer to this question will tell you a great deal about the politics of the person answering it.

  • 8 years ago

    Bankruptcies are decided in courts...not by you. Too bad Obama did not take him up on his offer.

  • 8 years ago

    I care more about what Obama has done with our TAXDOLLARS, than what Trump and Romney do with their money.

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  • John
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    8 years ago

    When have you found trump to be sensible?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Guess you are not old enough, smart enough or learned enough to understand economics. When you do call back.

  • 8 years ago

    He coulda borrowed it. Obama is borrowing a huge amount of money to entice clueless power companies to temp Americans to dump working, proven, safe and already paid for analog power meters while piling unnecessary debt on every America as we install Smart Meters that promote cancer and will depopulate America by pushing deadly EMF releasing Smart Meters.. Just say no!

    Y hasn't Obama filed for America's bankrupcy? That'd confirm HE put us over our heads in debt! He tells us not to consume energy but buys the most wasteful luxury jets for personal use.

    Trump wants everyone to see Obama is a charlaton who hides who he is. Romney show his records for free..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypAU28t5Ya0

    Youtube thumbnail

    Betcha Obama flunked classes and/or recieved foreign student grants to pay for his education. That explains why Obama never registered for the selective service. He may have killed to hide the truth. , even ove rthrew Egypt for a minister there betraying to the press that Obama confided he supports "Muslim agenda" i.e. to destroy America and Israel.

    Tricking us into dumping good working analog power meters not only pushes us deeper in debt, but theres evidencethe type and amount of EMFs Smart Meters being installed seriously increase hildhood leukemia.by 18 times! The Smart Meters installation is one way to commit child genocide slowly over the next decade. Apartment and highrise buildings cluster their meters so chidren there are at highest risk..

    . In China citizens are arrested on bogus charges and sent to work for free in labor camps. Obama wants mandatory volunteering in the field of their expertise. Isn't that te definition for slavery?

    Ever notice that Obama's campaign colors are the same as Hitlers? Red and black.

    Obama must be borrowing again from China to supply the Federal Grant to match dollar for dollar to lure power companies to purchase those potentially deadly Smart Meters AKA 'death bosex".

    . The meters we all have work great, but he is urging us to dump them and go further into debt to replace them with SMs which can easily be converted into spy machines while they cause Americans to DNA damaging cancer causing brain neuron destroying radiation. SMsl need power to run, so more energy is used and consumers will pay for that,. Current analog meters use none. The only real advantage is no meter readeer will need to come to your home once a month while the dark side is huge. They can be hacked, double charge us and all we can do is protest. Pay or you're off the gird. No power. Which might be better than slowly baking our family's brains cells via radiation, a symptom of long term exposure,

    Obama's SMs can effectively destroy our ability to think, work and reproduce, all in one fell swoop, .Slowly so we'll scarcely notice. They are being forced on Christian nations, in Europe, too, but on no Muslim nations. Remember Obama wrote in his autobiographical "Dreams from my Father" should an ill wind blow, I will stand with the Muslims.".

    A president should stand with the Americans, regardless of religion or lack thereof. So, we should be grateful to Trump for exposing Obama.

    But Rome was taken down by tricking Romans into poisoning themselves with the lead they used to seal water pipes. Just like radiation, lead degrades health slowly and over time made Romans into dim wits who could be easily conquered..

    Although the scientific community is well aware of the dangers of EMFs , directors of utility companies are business majors, not rocket scientists. Remember how companies sold thalidimide to pregnant women, causing a hundred thousand mutated offspring? Like the thalidimide peddlers, SM salesmen focus on profit in their pockets. Not public welfare.

    If Americans can no longer produce healthy,sharp minded offspring we will be easily overtaken by robust unaffected invaders who can simply remove those stupid Smart Meters and live in the same houses where Obama's SMS degraded and neutered us, rendering our DNA damaged and incapable of leaving any progeny. SMs could very well be the beginning of the end for Americans.

    Greedy utilities companies who care only for their own profits are selling out and falling into his clever trap, by both killing us off and enslaving whoever is left through debt he is incurring for Smart Meters, AKA death boxes. IThey claim SMs emit less than a cell phone but that isn't true. Obama's Federal grants to promote SMs push us further into debt.

    Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Obama may have had help from China to seed clouds over New York City with silver iodide to create a convenient storm. His motto is ":never let a good crisis go to waste..

    Source(s): The most common way to seed clouds is blasting them with silver iodide, which is generally believed to be a safe chemical. Liquid nitrogen and dry ice can also be used. China has started huge snowstorms this way already, that flooded Beijing. He admitted he ordered an increase of chem trails over cities,to spew poisonous aluminum into our skies he says is meant to 'reflect the light of the sun to prevent global warming." How stupid is that? Wish Obama zombies would stop taking doctor prescribed anti anxiety medications . People I know who are for Obama are on drugs, espedcially zoloft and wellbutrin, paxil et. Pilots weren't allowed to take any as they inhibit one's ability to recognize danger, Mr. Trump hoped to awaken the Obama supporters. They are partying heartily. Can't hear him over the band. Let'em party the night before the polls open n sleep through election day.
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