Is unprotected anal sex dangerous?

Okay to explain more I'm bisexual (male) and have a boyfriend and yes we're in a gay relationship (GET OVER IT). Anyway he's 18 and I'm 16 and we want to try sex without the protection. Me and him haven't been anywhere else before as we lost our virginity together, but I'm still concerned that it's not safe. With a condom on, I do ejaculate while I'm having sex with him so if the protection wasn't there I can't see there being any difference. But the problem is obviously the semen in the anal region as I've heard this is dangerous. He wants to try it though,so is there any advice anybody can give us? Please be mature about this and don't leave comments if you hate on homosexuals because honestly it won't change who we are. Thanks for any answers! :-)

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  • 8 years ago
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    if its just as fun with a condom why do it without? u say u both lost ur virginity with each other? do u know this for sure? how can u be 100% postitive he isnt just telling u this?

    anyway, i dont think it would be any more dangerous than it would be using a condom, except for the possibility or fissures/std ect....i would advise to always use a condom, better safe than sorry!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Unprotected anal intercourse with a monogamous associate who you're a hundred% definite is monogamous must be k, so long as you do not insert the penis into the mouth or vagina immediately after it can be been in the anus, for obvious motives. Nevertheless, you have to be wholly certain your partner is monogamous, considering if they have got even a single STD from a previous relationship that you don't know about, you're completely going to get that **** from doing anal.

  • mario
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    8 years ago

    im a straight female and i have engaged in many unprotected anal sex situations with men i believe are straight...i do have to say that i have read that MSM (males sleeping with males) is an extremely high risk group...i strongly believe you should not do it without protection...but if you do, prevent bleeding as much as possible by lubing the receptive partner up really don't want any tears because that's how it gets transmitted...i have nothing against gay/bisexual males...i once did and then i fell in love with tiger tyson and i see now that he is a human like everyone else...i even got his name tattooed on my arm over the summer...because no one puts down anal sex as good as him in porn...the straight male porn stars could learn a thing or two from luck to you!!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    hi there,i suppose i should say that unprotected anal sex is risky but as you say you and your partner haven't been with anyone else it would lower the risk,im also in my first gay relationship as is my partner,we hope to be able to have anal sex sometime in the not to distant future and we are not planning on using rubbers i suppose the only issues would be personal cleanliness we use an anal douche before i perform rimming on him, but to be honest with you i would seek advice from a sexual health clinic,who would be in a better position to advice you,whatever you chose,enjoy the experience,and stay safe,all the best.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You are at a very high risk for contracting SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE and most importantly HIV. Why do u want to throw your life away. You are too young dude, why take a risk that are not worth taking. The call is yours.

  • 8 years ago

    yes, you anus may instantly explode if put in wrong. just don't do it man, not worth it :/

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