Obama and trumps 5 million bucks?

Since trump has an extra 5 million bucks do you think he will donate it for storm relief.Or will he be asking for federal funds for his new york properties?

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    7 years ago
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    He needs to give his money to charity rather than using bribe on the president. Our president cannot be bought.

  • gory
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    3 years ago

    i think of Obama is coping with it merely genuine by using ridiculing Trump as he did final night on Leno. all and sundry else is ridiculing Trump too. in spite of everything he made it sound like he had the products on Obama and all he had grow to be a line.

  • 7 years ago

    -If "The Donald" was Smart ( & there are NO Indications of THAT ), He'd donate the $$$ towards N.Y.C. disaster relief... After All; isn't THAT where He made most of His Fortune- to Begin with ?! :o

    Source(s): ( It's Called; "Giving Back..." )
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Obama refuses to pony up his grade transcripts, And Passport data.

    All Obama had to do was cough up his grades. And he wouldn't even

    do that to gain 5 million dollars for his number one or more Charity's,

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Obama took those 5 mil bucks to support his muslim brothers.

  • Bob B
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    7 years ago

    Obama could have already had that money donated to his favorite charity. He hasn't - why?

  • 7 years ago

    Trump offered 5 mill to make a point. Obama doesn't need 5 mill. He and Timmy Geithner already raided the US treasury. 3 to 15 trillions vanished in 2010 on their watch.


    Obama can't relinquish records because they say Obama flunked a few courses at best, or,at worst, show he was on a foreign student scholarship or grant. He was definitely in Pakistan for three weeks when he was supposed to be at Columbia University.

    http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2008/04/obama... BHO claims he used to be Barry Soetero but clues suggest he stole Barry Soetero's identity after killing him in a car crash. The guy living in the white house could have stolen Barry Soetero's identilty then run off to Canada, where he used the fake name of Barack Ubayd while changing his name legally to the name of Barry Soeteo's father, Barack Hussein Obama.


    Clearly, Obama was a a serial identity thief who changed numbers like underwear. He used the social security card that belonged to someone else, too. It seems he used social securillty numbers that couldn't have been his.


    Youtube thumbnail

    If he grew up in Hawaii he'd have learned to speak Hawaiilan pigeon lingo but this hapa haole guy who calls himself Obama assuredly can not. (Hapa haole means half white in Hawaii.) Plus, he can't speak more than a sentence in Indonesian so its unlikely hes the same person as Barry Soletero whose first language was Indonesian.

    Obama's supposed half sister Maya hadn't seen her big brother for two decades and didn't remember what he looked at. So when her long lost half brother finally returned, she would have suspected nothing and believe he was who he said he is. Their grandma, Toots, had to die for the same reason as his adopted sister in Indonesia had to die.

    The mainstream American media did not report something youj might find interesting. There was a little girl named Lia who used to swhare his room wilth him when he was a child in Indonesia and she shared the same transvestite nanny that Barry Soetero was given to watch him. She contacted the Indonesian press and let them know she wanted to meet wilth him when he was already on his way on a jet to the island of Guam, where his jet st opped to refuel. He never said hello or f. u. to the governor of Guam/ He did write, in his book Dreams From My Father, "White people and brown people are not my people."

    Strangely, Lia was in perfect health Yet, between the time Obama's jet took off from Guam and landed in Jakarta four hours later, she mysteriously died without a mark on her, the way CIA assassins like to kill. http://lgstarr.blogspot.com/2011/01/they-mysteriou...

    She'd have told the world that BHO isn't the same guy as Barry Soetero, who may have been the one to die in the car accident with Bari Shabbaz, son of Malcolm X, born and raised in New York city, but he had his liscense taken away for drunk driving.

    Bari Shabbaz went to Hawaii ,met with the son of his father's friend then hospital recccords say he died there in a car accident. What if Barry Soetero died in that car accident and Bari shabbaz took his driver's lilscense and put it in his pocket? You know all those scars on Obama's head? What if Shabbaz stole Soetero's identity. Their initials were the same, both were mulatto, close in age but inches apart in height. But he used the conneticut ss number of a man who died in June of 1981, John Paul Ludwick: number was 684 225. He had a dark complection, and last lived in Hawaii, sip code 96816

    Then Shabbaz got rid of the name Barry Soetero by stealing the identity of a man named Baack Ubahd then decided he liked pretending to be Barry Soetero and took the name of Barry Soetero's 's father so he could get lots of hospitality during a visit to Kenya while pretending to be part of the Obama family. He looks nothing like Obama senior though, but quite like Malcolm x.

    Barry ;Soetero died in 1982, shortly before someone went to British Columbia, Canada and changed their name to Barack Hussein Obama. The records in B.C. say that the person who changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama carried the identification card of Barack Ubayd.

    A Kenyan would have been a "British subject" because in 1961 or 2, (Obama changes the date of his birth and seems to be confused about when his birthday was) Kenya was under the British Crown. that is why Obama sent back Winston Churchhill's bust that has been in the white house for decades. He was born a Briltish Subject, in fact, his mannerism reflect at tilmes have reflected this.

    Source(s): If Obama were to let his college records be open everyone will know he is not a natural born cirtizen of America but was born a British Subject. Five million dollars is, to Obama, who is used to wasting trillions as he has access to America's treasury and has spent our money like water, would hardly blink at 5 million. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-P3ZouVFr0 http://www.zimbio.com/Martin+Luther+King+Day/artic... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elmtjxy-fFE
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