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what does s/r stand for ?

what does s/r stand for ?????????????????????

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    s/r stand for

    ***** SR Sugar Ray (band)

    ****** SR Speed Racer (cartoon)

    ***** SR Strike Rate (cricket scoring)

    ***** SR Sugar Rush (UK TV series)

    ***** SR Spring Roll

    **** SR Spell Resistance (gaming)

    *** SR Sunset Riders (game)

    *** SR Shiina Ringo (Japanese musician/singer)

    *** SR Suburban Rhythm (band; also song by Reel Big Fish)

    *** SR Spontaneous Reboot

    ** SR Southern Royalty (hip hop group)

    ** SR Subsonic Radio (forum and streaming radio station)

    * SR Serim Ral (gaming)

    * SR Sergei Rachmaninov (classical composer)

    * SR Short Run

    * SR Sigur Rós (band)

    * SR She-Ra (He-Man character)

    * SR Shock Rifle (gaming, Unreal tournament)

    * SR Scenic Railway (amusement park ride)

    * SR Scientific Racism (pseudoscience)

    * SR Sam Roberts (musician)

    * SR Santa Rosa (California)

    * SR Skid Row (band)

    * SR Sonic Revolution (game)

    * SR Soul Reaver (video game)

    slow reply,senior,status reply

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    It means slow reply :)

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    status reply

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