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What is the difference between "Managing Supervisor" and "General Manager"?

Vickie Guerrero was named "Managing Supervisor" on Raw which people call her the Interim GM. AJ Lee was the "General Manager" but she resigned.

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    "General Manager" means in charge of everything in general. It can also mean the President of the Company, or more often, acting as the representative of the President.

    "Managing Supervisor" means in charge of something specific, and is less powerful than a General Manager. Basically just a foreman.

    Could be, because the WWE's had a string of General Managers who have not worked out very well, the "Board Of Directors" has demoted the position of General Manager to just Managing Supervisor. Vickie will try to push her weight around, and make herself seem more powerful than she really is, but she's just a foreman who can and will be overruled by the "Board Of Directors".

  • It's an Amalgam of Manager and Supervisor.

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    Vince McMahon said even he doesn't know what Managing Supervisor means.

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    Same ****.... Vickie as GM is getting repetitive....

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