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Baby name {SURVEY} -- Please answer?

Q1 :How would you classy my name style, based off my #1 favorite girls name (Elina Margaret) and #1 favorite boys name (Morgan Isaiah)?

Q2 : If you had to choose ONE family member to raise your child(besides you or your spouse) Who would you choose, and why?

Q3 : What do you think of nature names (ex. Timber, Ocean, Aspen. etc)

Q4 : What is your favorite starbucks drink (if you don't like starbucks, then what's your favorite hot drink in general?)

Q5 : Suggest names for the following initials(you choose the genders( -- AL - KD - SJZ - PM -- )

Q7 : Did you like this question?

BQ : How many names are on your list as of right now?

Thank you for answering.


For some reason my brain doesn't seem to like the number 6 because I accidently skipped 6 in my last question and now I've gone and done it in this question =S weird lol

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    Q1- You have a classic yet uncommon name taste. You blend more modern names with tried and true classics.

    Q2- My younger sister -- She and I are quite alike and she would be a great mom.

    Q3- I like them! Many of my favorites are nature names, but mostly for girls, I'm not a huge fan of many nature boys names.

    Q4- Hot Chocolate (NOT from Starbucks! There's is disgusting!)

    Q5- I will do one for each gender:

    • AL -- Annabel Lucia (loo-see-uh) & Alexander Leo

    • KD -- Katherine Della & Kieran Dexter

    • SJZ -- Sophia Juliette Zarina & Simon James Zachary

    • PM -- Poppy Matilda & Peter Maxwell

    Q6- Yes!

    BQ- Not sure, I like many names!

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  • 7 years ago

    Q1: Classic-y-ish!

    Q2: Probably my sister, Olivia. We've always been closest (I have three sisters and a brother) and she knows my kids better than anyone. We're only 18 months apart. Her two girls get along so well with my lot, probably because they're same ageish. Also she lives closest to everything my kids have ever known.

    Q3: Some are okay, I love flower names - I'm Poppy, my daughter's Violet. But apart from that, I hate them all!

    Q4: Wow, it's been a very long time since I went to Starbucks! I live in Australia and have only been to the USA once, about 10 years ago. Can't beat mint tea. I love all tea, in fact!

    Q5: Alice Lillian, Keira Deborah, Samuel Jude Zachary, Poppy Marie

    Q7: Yep!

    BQ: 8 for girls, about 14 for boys!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    1. Classic, elegant, gender-appropriate and classy.

    2. I would choose my mum, because she's awesome.

    3. Not a fan in general, but there are a few I like, such as Sage, Jasper or Rowan for a boy, and Lily and Ruby for a girl.

    4. I've only been to Starbuck's twice in my life, and I can't remember what I had. My favourite hot drink is English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar.

    5. Atticus Liam, Kellan Darcy, Schuyler James Zachary, Phoebe Matilda (b, b, b, g)

    7. Yes

    BQ - So many! I have my top 12 first/middle combinations for each gender, then I have 119 individual names on a boy's list. I don't actually have a hard copy of a girl's list, but there's a huge bunch of names floating around in my mind.

    - Ella :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Q1: You blend uncommon, pretty names with some classic names. It's a nice style of thinking.

    Q2: I'd choose my brother, Adam because he's a sensitive person and would do anything for me. I'd also love the fact that if I were to have a child and something happen to me, I'd trust him and his wife to raise my child. <3

    Q3: I fine nature names to be quite beautiful.

    Q4: Iced Chai Tea with extra Chai

    Q5: Alesana Laurent, Katalina Dawn, Sienna Jeanette Zairian, Penelope Marianne

    Q6: I do. This is a very active, productive question. I enjoyed it very much.



    Zander Lane

    Gavin Mitchel

    Kent Michael

    Wesley James


    Serinna Abigail

    Rayna Quinn

    Jensen Anna-Beth

    Vienna Mae

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  • 7 years ago

    Q1: Old fashioned. Elina, Margaret and Morgan are quite old fashioned but still really cute!

    Q2: My cousin Courtney. We were so close growing up and I trust her alot. She is 2 years younger than me.

    Q3: I like some. like Lily Rose, Ash, River, Forest etc. I don't like any of your examples though.

    Q4: I love white hot chocolate. I don't drink coffee.

    Q5: AL: Ava Louise

    KD: Kellan Daniel

    SJZ: Selena Jessalyn Zeena

    PM: Peter Michael

    Q7: Which question? The previous one? Yes I love questions like that!! They are fun. You skipped Q6 btw :)

    BQ: On my girls names list there are 26 and for boys there are 15 :)


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  • 7 years ago

    Q1: Trendy traditional

    Q2: My cousin, because she is smart and kind.

    Q3: I don't really care for your examples, but I do like some nature names.

    Q4: Pumpkin spice latte

    Q5: G: Aoife Louise

    G: Keira Delilah

    B: Samuel James Zachary

    B: Peter Micah

    Q7: It was alright. I might have liked it more had Q6 been included.

    BQ: 15 or so. My name list is on my profile if you want to see it.


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  • 7 years ago

    1. I would say classic but slightly unique/uncommon.

    2. My mom, because she has been a good mom to me.

    3. Not really a fan. I do like some flower names though.

    4. I've never been to a Starbucks, but my favorite hot drink is hot chocolate.


    Alexander Leo

    Katherine Dalia

    Samuel Joseph Zachary

    Penelope Madeline

    Alex, Kate, Sam, and Penny


    6./7. Yeah!

    BQ: Like 4, maybe. I don't keep a list anymore.

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Classic and elegant but also fairly uncommon

    2. My younger brother. We have always been especially close and have similar parenting styles. I think we are the most like each other.

    3. Some are okay. I don't particularly like the ones you listed, but I do like Reed and Violet, to name a couple.

    4. Pumpkin latte :)

    5. Andrew Lee, Kellan Davis, Seth Jonah Zacharias, Philip Marshall. Not sure why no girls names came into my head for those, lol.

    6. I honestly have no clue, lol. It changes too much!

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  • Q1: Classic – elegant for girls, traditional for boys =)

    Q2: My mom, because I think they'd learn a lot from her.

    Q3: LOVE <333 I love a lot of nature names =D

    Q4: Candy cane hot cocoa! =D (I hate coffee and therefore have little reason to visit Starbucks)


    (g) Artemis Luna

    (g) Kaia Donatienne [doh-nah-TYEHN]

    (b) Storm Jakob Zephaniah

    (g) Phoenix Maya

    Q7: Yep, I like your surveys! =D

    BQ: I have 100 names on my girls top favorites list and probably around 80 on my boys top favorites list ^.^

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Underused names.I love the names !

    2.My Mom,because I 100% trust her and she gave me most education,I'm sure she'd love giving education to another child too :)

    3.I like some of them ONLY for book/film characters,but for real children, it's a peasant,illitarate and hippy-gipsy thing to do.

    4. Hot Chocolate(Nesquick!!)

    5. AL- Allen Lennox

    KD- Kira Dahlia

    SJZ- Sienna Jane Zoe

    PM-Paul Michael

    6. Yes :)

    BQ: 4 names for each gender:

    Kira Sophia

    Matilda Candance

    Dahlia Auburn

    Morgan Ellery

    Reilly Garett Owen

    Collin Kurt

    Griffin Reed

    Hunter Paul Marshall

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