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What did Chirchill mean when he said- " History will be kind to me because I intend to write it"?

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    He simply meant that he would apply to himself the old "History is written by the winners" concept, which basically means the side who ultimately prevails will twist the facts to make itself look good.

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    It is hard to become a "Great person" in a democratic country, were the ballot box and a free press, media these days, exist. Winston Churchill made history and wrote about it. His writings are huge, detailed, and very informative. Some of the best documented insight into the way it was. It was his personal will and stance that guided the British and its allies, the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, the Indians, the Maltese and so on, to maintain a hostile attitude against Hitler and the Nazis. It was his drive and never say die attitude that enabled the fightback that would eventually culminate in victory against the Axis forces. Without the British and its allies blockade and its strategic importance in the fight to win the war in Europe in particular. It is impossible to imagine a scenario, based on the realities of the day, other than what happened, that would have prevented a Nazis dominated Europe and probably the World in a decade or two.

    I believe his comment was in his usually witty response to his bigger than life demeanour and not any deep seated dark villainous attitude that some others would wish it to be.

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    Simple it meant Churchill had a sense of humour and wit, unlike his opponent Hitler who had no sense of humour and no sense of the ridiculous, which is why he lost.

    He wrote extensively including the 6 volume History of the 2nd World War, he was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature (well they could hardly give him the peace prize lol as back then they were not hypocritical like today) and also wrote a History of the American civil war and a complete history of England.

    A witty remark to an honest question.

    Note is he Yorrick or Richiii today, anyroad up 'I'm going to get lit up' was written by Hubert Gregg who used to have a programme on BBC wireless 2, and also wrote 'Maybe its because I'm a Londoner'

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    Winston said what he meant in that he would write history, which indeed he did.

    Winston was a prolific writer and worker, tireless, and only ever sleeping for a few short hours each night with a nap sometimes in the afternoon to recharge the batteries.

    To put it politely, Winston was a history nut and was mad about it and most important of all, he saw himself as very much a part of history, of the History of the British People.

    Winston S. Churchill

    When Winston became First Sea Lord in c1940 - the telegraphers at the Admiralty flashed this message around the fleet..."Winston's back. . . .++"

    VE Day London 1945

    There's a famous song from the end of the war years, "I'm going to get Lit up When the Lights go on in London." Can't find it on Youtube but here's the words anyway. Mainly it means "I'm going to get drunk when the lights go back on etc. . . ."

    London UK 241012.1856

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  • Well, history regarding him would be view him in a good light, because he makes sure it does.

    You hear of his great leadership during WWII, his fantastic, morale-boosting speeches.

    But not so much of his terrible tactical skills, as shown through Galipolli in WWI. He was replaced by a labour government after the war because the public didn't see him as a fine peacetime leader (they went on to introduce the NHS in 1948).

    So, in most people's view Churchill is a great person, and that is because he has heavily influenced the information about him.

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    That was the blabbering of an arrogant Briton.

    He was born in a political family, led a life of politics, identifying totally with the destiny of UK. Suffused with this sense of history at times he used to talk like that.

    He said once "I am not here to preside over the winding up of his Majesty's Empire" and soon after that the Indian Empire split into three which became independent (India, Pakistan & Burma), though he wasn't Prime Minister then (Earl Attlee was). It must have been a blow to Sir Winston Churchill to see that his Empire getting reduced in population by above ⅔. Only Australia & Canada remain the two big territories to show the Empire on map till today.

    He couldn't leave the Parliament house & stuck to it like a limpet, in spite of the British throwing him out (with a defeat in elections) once. A wise man should know when he is unwanted.

    It is true that Britain fought well the Germans, but Churchill was basking in the glory of American supremacy, nevertheless in the War. His glory was like the Moonlight reflected from the Sun.

    At another time when he saw MK Gandhi in his trade-mark Indian attire of dhoti tied to the loins & a sheet of upper garment thrown across the torso, climbing the steps of Buckingham palace, couldn't contain himself & blurted "this half-naked fakir". It is true that Gandhi (he was a student of Law in London & wore well-cut suits then) could have been more circumspect in not hurting the British sentiments, he threw it as an affront to the likes of Churchill, powerless to do anything.

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    He does what's right. The winning side writes history, and he intends to survive no matter what.

    I believe it's "Churchill"

  • It's similar to how history is written by the winners.

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