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Odd question about heights/ fear of heights?

Ok, I was on a adventure holiday a while ago, and a certain issue has bothered me then and since.

Before anyone thinks it, I have never felt suicidal in any way. I'm very happy.

I was on a jeep safari in some beautiful mountains . We saw some amazing sites and views. One particular area we were in had the highest vliff drop, the jeep safari guide asked me and my partner to stand on the edge for a photo, and we did. The pics we got were amazing as we were level with the cloud lines, at this point I saw no bother.

At some point, on the same cliff face except steeper, as i looked straight down, I was on a proper ledge this time, and looking down I felt sick, I presume this is vertigo?

Anyway during this feeling I also had strange and very overwhelming feelings, very powerful that's hard to discribe:/

I stood near the edge, very fearful and uneasy clinging to my partners clothing but at the same time with the urge to go to the edge, the very edge, to the last inch on my own very much to the disturbance of my partner, group and guide!

I kept keeping to the edge despite my fear!

In these moments I had these thoughts of jumping off that cliff? Despite how much I feared them, I had this overwhelming urge to jump ! It scared the hell out of me. It's like hunger, do hungry u will eat anything?

Anyway, as the safari went on I learnt the history of that cliff, a young lady on a horse jumped to their death in refusal of changing her religious beliefs.. Her body nor horse was never found. Is this a weird coincidence? A spooky matter? A weird vertigo or am I going nuts:( please explain somebody I'm still spooked a few months on:(

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    I really understand what you're going through. I have had certain weird feelings in certain places and really dear, nobody can tell you for sure. This all is a matter of opinion and belief, /some people like myself believe in reincarnation due to certain memories or odd experiences that cannot be explained to others since they will laugh at you and think you're weird unless they share your belief. I am not a religious person at all but due to memories of experiences I believe I've had in a past life, I believe in reincarnation. Many here, will think I am weird but oh well. You say you are a happy person with no issues so whatelse could it be? :) Please do not be spooked about it and do not obsess about it. Try to live your life normally and do not let this bother you and at the same time, if memories come to you, welcome them but do not speculate. Knowledge of a past experience in a past life can help a lot in this life. Please feel free to write if you choose to do so.

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    Its probably because in your mind, you're so full of adrenaline, you feel the need to just jump off. You being afraid of heights and being on the safari were probably the only reasons you didn't jump. I wouldn't say that it was a coincidence, because she was jumping off to escape. It would be a coincidence if you just jumped off and screamed, "I refuse to convert!".

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