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Advise for trip to Malaysia?


I am travelling to Malaysia in march to watch the formula 1 race .

I am there for a grand total of 5 days .

I was looking for advice on which vaccines I need , the cost and times I need them !

Also, general advice about the country would be greatly appreciated !

I'm not going any more than 15km away from the airport ! I'm not raving sepang alone !


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    You do not need any vaccinations before coming to Malaysia. At most you can get one for Hepatitis A & B. For your information malaria is almost non existence here and tuberculosis is not that common. You should instead ensure that what you eat and drink is clean. Always drink boiled or bottled waters and when you dine, make sure that place is clean ( both the dining hall and kitchen ). Apply appropriate lotions on your body ( if you wish ) to avoid sunburn and mosquito bites. We do have dengue here but it is not like you are going to get it when you are here. Just for indication, Malaysia gets a couple of hundred of dengue cases ( in the whole country ) per year.

    You mentioned you are going to be 15km away from the airport for 5 days. Seriously unless you are going to spend all the time on the F1 track, there isn't much for you to do without going anywhere further than 15km. Even if you do want to spend most of your time on the track, what are you going to do at night ? Normally during the F1 race, there are other activities going on in Kuala Lumpur as well. Perhaps you could go there to have some fun.

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    F1 ? Then here is some info: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Malaysia...

    You do not need shots [vaccines] for coming to Malaysia, but that does not mean you cannot, especially if you are going to pass through an infected or endemic area. Some people are not used to local spicy food or water.... Tap water is safe to drink, but I would advise drinking boiled water, or bottled [mineral] water... Have some medicine ready for an upset stomach....sun cream.... If you need medical attention, Malaysia has excellent medical services.

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    As you can see from the news below, I wouldn't advise you to travel too far from airport and venue too.

    Thieves are rampant and some people can be unpredictable towards foreigners. Generally you need to have vaccine against all mosquitoes related diseases like Dengue fever, West Niles etc.

    Consume bottled mineral water. Tap water are not clean anywhere in the country. Most households use water filter if they can afford it. Foods in the hotels are usually good. You might get diarrhea if you consume foods from roadside stall.

    Things inside Formula 1 race venue are super expensive. I would suggest that you buy foods and drinks in supermarket before heading there.

    It is going to be 32 degree Celsius ( and with rain) and very hot, therefore bring a thin rain jacket, hat, sun glasses, umbrella, lot of sun block (highest SPF), plenty of bottled water and yourself.

    Source(s): 3000 Malaysian Muslim burns US flag for anti-Muslim film - http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_asiapac...
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