Is this classed as benefit fraud confussed?

today I have been sent a letter saying that I have to go in for an interview of benefit fraud suspected partner living with me.

This is the situation.

After my child was born several months ago I split with my partner he stayed at his step dads, but returned to see our child.

After having a lot of problems with a certain person who decided to give me as much grief as possible via intimidation sending people around and had my door kicked in when my child was only few months old and just generally making trouble. (which from what i understand she has done this to other people)

I had to get the police involved. who suggested that im not on my own at night . So my ex said he would come around at night and help me with the child as he was and is still a difficult child to deal with. I have become very depressed with all of this.

The health visitor, housing officer and the police are all aware of the problems, and if the fraud investigators want to call them they will say what the problems are about.

He pays me no money or contributed to my home in no way, he helps take care of his son in the evening and night, if he does fall asleep its on the sofa not in my bed,

I know who had reported me as they said they were gonna wreck my life i just didnt know how, but i guess its this way.

does anyone have any ideas as im very worried and dont feel i have committed an offence


No ive not asked this question before its only come to light today. but thanks for answer

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes, it sounds like fraud to me, assuming you never added him to your household.

    You need to come up with proof that this guy is not supporting his child in any way. It sounds like he either is, or belongs in jail for abandoning his child.

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    7 years ago

    If there is time before your interview, try to get written statements from the health visitor, housing officer and police to back up your story. At least take in the names and contact information for those people. Under the circumstances, it should not be considered benefit fraud, since your ex has his own place of residence with his stepdad. Have you not filed charges against the "certain person"? Didn't you already ask this question before?

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  • 7 years ago

    There are 2 issues in your question and it's description.

    1. benefit fraud

    2. suspected partner living with you

    If it is benefit fraud, they might mean that you get other sources of income. Ask them to prove it.

    If they suspect that your partner is living with you, may be it is based on the information you gave them in application form. Update that information in their account.

    When police suggest anything, get it in written to produce in such situations. If they refuse to give in written, refuse their suggestions.

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  • 7 years ago

    If your ex stays from time to time with a "step-dad," he does not have a home of his own. And he does stay over at your place - irrelevant whether he sleeps on the sofa or bed. Furthermore, you are both obligated to provide for your child, so who is working and paying the child's expenses here? You both need to be working & providing for your child.

    Don't count on getting past this one - it looks like you actually are in violation despite your "feelings." You & ex need to get serious about providing for this child and forget about getting "benefits."

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  • 7 years ago

    I am afraid that it's classed as benefit fraud. If the Father of your child is sleeping at your house you should have informed DWP. It doesn't matter where he sleeps he's still staying over. They may stop your benefits and prosecute you. Tell them the truth that he is staying over and they may be lenient with you, but don't bank on it.

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  • 7 years ago

    Why don't you just marry your baby's father?

    OK, maybe he is not the Prince Charming of your dreams, but he is clearly taking his responsibilities seriously and in your situation you cannot afford to be choosy.

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