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Thomas asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 8 years ago

Is it Possible to be Friends with someone you disagree with Politically and Theologically? Will you help?

This question covers the gamut of internet friendships (if you can possibly have that, but at least your contacts) and people in the real world. I happen to be Conservative, Christian, and among other things, Pro-Life. I have friends that are the exact opposite, and we get along fine. However, there are some in the "real" world and in Y!A that "hate" you for what your beliefs are. Not sure this applies, but it probably happened today. I get a Best Answer on a Question, the person makes me a contact, sends me a very nice and supportive email, and the next thing I know, I am BLOCKED? Now, either this person read some of my possibly more conservative comments on some other questions, or some human debris got to her. There is a huge difference between having a belief system about social and economic issues, and affecting transference to the person personally. I have high regard and the utmost respect for some atheist, pro-choice or pro-abortion people, liberals, whatever, and we are able to have civil discourse. So, with all due respect, can others here please impart upon me their own opinion. I take this personally, but trust me, no sleep will be lost over this, but I do want to try to empathize and understand this mindset. It is a troubling dynamic that crosses party lines, but there is an obvious 'disconnect' with someone that suddenly feels the compulsion to Block me after it was they that make me a Contact. Perhaps just a mind game, but also try to look at the broader issue. The mindless answerers with little to say, I know I have to accept you as well, but please just try to give an honest answer here. Thanks, Thomas



Never in my wildest dreams did I expect every answer so far to be so insightful, respectful, and from the heart. By that I was anticipating the usual nonsensical or hate trimmed post, but I just say I have been delighted to see otherwise. Civil discourse invites dialogue, change, and compromise. As long as someone accepts me for who I am and is not so argumentative and loud (even over the airwaves) we can get places in this world, even on topics like politics, faith & even abortion. One comment on abortion because one answerer brought it up and overall had a wonderful answer. Let's say I am totally wrong in my Pro-Life views: well, certainly, in a free society, I still have a right to an opinion, don't I? Would this be the only subject in history where ones right to free speech or even maybe a written opinion is turned away simply because I have not had a baby myself?

Thanks to everyone who answered so far.


Update 2:

This has been inactive last couple days so will close it out. I do appreciate the response and the answers, wow! Many really sapient answers, especially Soc, Gene, Rosalinda, Mr. Chao & ★Ŕ♡MΛŔƐ★.....if I forgot anyone deserving of Best Answer not mentioned no offense, as this was a great group of posters. I picked the Best Answer on the one that moved me the most, though many were deserving. Many thanks. Thomas


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Yes, Thomas, you have proved that it's possible by your own testimony.

    I think the real world and this website and others are very different because here a person is anonymous. That allows them to say things they would never say to someone else in person. It allows the nastiest, angriest and most petty parts of them to come to the forefront.

    I cannot explain why this person acted that way. I have been blocked a lot of times, and I always feel it is because the person thinks I have out-argued them and/or made them look bad, but it doesn't sound like you did that. It's definitely puzzling, and when puzzling things like this happen, they are made more irritating by the inability to contact the person to find out what's going on.

    You sound like a reasonable, nice person, but I do have one thing to say to you: I don't believe that men have a right to an opinion about women's reproductive rights.

  • 8 years ago

    Hi. We are different and unique, i have friends in real life, we have our own beliefs, and tradition, we don't argue about religion, nor politics, I have some on line friends, that I respect and support, we can depend on each others, and we agree and disagree on some things, but we have respect for one another Things are different on some web sites, especially on here. One of my contact gave me B/A on 3 different occasion I open the link to see, who gave me B/A and it was deleted , or removed , this only happened to me on Poetry , and it's the same person, I was told by another contact that this same thing had happened to them, , so my friend blocked that person, but at least they knew who did it, these are some of the things, some people on here do. Because any one can sit at their PC desk and do whatever, and gets away with it, while in real life most people will never treat a friend, or a contact like dirt. I don't dis respect my friends, I care to much , and when I answered a question, I try my very best to give a good and truthful answer. Thanks for your post.

  • dubuc
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    4 years ago

    There is only one drawback with viewing the above definition of cult. These cult followers are unorthodox, beneath the direction of a charismatic leader, authentic, however simply don't forget that JWs and Mormons are additionally unorthodox and beneath the same course. When a character says Jesus is a cult leader given that of the above definition of cult, that's placing God the daddy over the top of cult leaders, dare they are saying that. Followers who're beneath the path of a leader are controlled by way of this chief. Jesus and His Father by no means controlled any individual, He allowed all people to follow their own choosings. We've got a option on this world whether or not to follow satan, follow a cult, follow some other charismatic leader, or to comply with Jesus and His Father. The cult leaders do not supply their followers a option, such freedom of choice was once quashed via these mind controlling leaders. ____________ Wikipedia just isn't a secure supply of information. Someone can edit its contents, and that i see this happening every day. Realize that Jehovah's Witnesses are within the list of cults by media, but not Mormons, as a minimum briefly not for now. ____________ The theological definition of cult in Christianity is... A cult of Christianity is a gaggle of humans, which claiming to be Christian, embraces a targeted doctrinal method taught by way of an person leader, workforce of leaders, or group, which (approach) denies (both explicitly or implicitly) one or more of the important doctrines of the Christian faith as taught within the sixty-six books of the Bible. That is a particularly close resemblance to Nina's evaluation of a theological definition of cult in Christianity. __________ A cult is just not a character, but as a substitute an group of followers, which accordingly it is not pejorative as a private insult to an individual unless he/she is that institution traditionally. Alternatively, there are some here who would call me Christendom which simply makes me smile, considering the fact that i'm not Christendom (def. Christians together), and they should be aware of better. :-)

  • 8 years ago

    I seriously don't care what any ones belief system is or their

    politics, what I do care about is do they treat others with respect,

    do they lie, do I respect them as a human being.My only judgment is

    at their core are they honest, if not I walk away.Now being the grand-son

    of a minister I can argue religion as someone who votes I can argue my

    point of view, but there is a big difference between what one believes

    what ones opinions are and truth.We can argue belief, we can argue opinion

    we can not argue truth.1 plus 1 is two, that is a truth.Water turns to ice at 32 degrees

    a truth, the world is round not flat, a truth, as you can see truth is important to me

    it is the basis for any friendship I have.If a stranger lies to me I'll forgive him

    because he doesn't know me, if a friend lies to me I'll never speak to them again

    it is something I have done and would do again, because they know me and I

    would never lie to them, it's that simple.

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  • 8 years ago

    Don't take it personally.

    There are a lot of people on here playing with multiple accounts and blocking everyone they disagree with.

    I sometimes come across a new account I have never seen before and I am already blocked. Some users apply the same block list to every new account they create.

    Just ignore them

  • 8 years ago

    Yeah it is, but like the first poster said it depends on the person.

    I had a recent falling out with a friend I made over the summer since she was so far left that the fact that I was in the marines offended her.

  • 8 years ago

    As long as we don't talk religion or politics. However, I will mention that I refuse to be friends with somone who calls me a "racist" whenever I disagree with them, or says that Isaac Newton, Coperinicus and Albert Einstein were "ignorant retards" for believing in some form of god. Unfortunately, most people who disagree with me on those fronts fit into the aforementioned categories.

  • Nat
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    8 years ago

    This is a "push me, pull you" situation.

    If your friendship doesn't hinge on the two aspects

    you mentioned, then you're OK.

    If either one of you is an avid activist, constantly

    introducing the topics, being obsessively comparative

    and argumentative, problems can arise.

    I have a friend...and one of us is moderately pro Obama and

    the other is staunchly pro Romney. We don't discuss politics.

    Our friendship is 99% other things...and the joy of companionship.

  • 8 years ago

    As a libertarian who disagrees with almost everyone I meet (conservative and liberal) I've had to learn to appreciate my friends for their good qualities and disregard what I disagree with. Otherwise it would be hard to have many friends.

    I've also learned that if the subject of politics is brushed to try to be less brash with my views and respectful of theirs (if that is possible).

  • jenny
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    8 years ago

    Let us hope so, or we will be in worse

    condition then congress.

    It seems we become the enemy within

    forgetting our motto, United *we* stand.

    I have several friends from different walks

    of life, always have had, they have enriched my life

    in various, there is only one God, but different ways

    of worship, if not harmful to others, I believe God smiles

    on us all. One has to learn to agree to disagree peacefully,

    and lf not a personal problem let the rest go to the hands of God.

    I seldom spar.....It's distastful.

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