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How does a tin foil hat protect you from aliens?

I saw it on a programme last night I thought it was just a stupid myth non-believers came up with for a laugh but no, there are people who wear them. How the hell does tin foil protect you from a highly advanced race?

Tin foil is great for when you're cooking or helping kids make a space rocket, but to stop mind control? How? What mysterious power does tin foil hold that an advanced alien race cannot possible get through?

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    It doesn't work anymore. They shoot you with microwaves-beams now.

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    Yeah , if you really want the truth

    I will give it to you , but that depends on how serious you are about asking the qeustion

    As somone who personally experienced mind over matter experiences , I can tell you that , the human mind works on different brain wave

    Frequencies , the powers that be have found ways to manupilate the masses by controlling the frequencies of the human mind , in such a away they brainwash people with the media

    I must tell you Television is really bad , and interferes with our brainwave frequency , there are a lot of things the goverments plan to do to controll the masses of the population ,

    They will spend millions or even billions on mind controll projects , building divices that sends out micro waves , that disrups and unballance our psyche(mind)

    Now obviously your wondering what does this have to do with aliens?

    Well basicly , the advanced technology the american goverments curently have was stollen from the Nazi german scientist , the Nazi's had one of the most advanced texhnologies you could only imagin , they had hover crafts (UFO's) and lazer beams

    (this is not made up there is a docomentary of this on the history channel)

    Anyway , after the war , American millitary used Geman scientist to work for them , and from that moment on a HUGE leap in technology was achieved in the 20th centuary

    They(americans) were able to build the first Atomic bomb , and go to the moon

    It was believed that this technology , was given to the Nazi's by aliens(but that's another theory)

    In general aliens have a high , sense of conciousness , they can do Telepathy , and controll the thoughts of others , since they have evolved longer then us and are more Intelligent

    That's why people wear tinfoil hats , to block the freqeuncies preduced by aliens or any mindcontroll device , sothat they won't become mindcontrol slaves

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    The general idea, and keep in mind this isn't based on any scientific research, is that covering your head in foil will scramble the mind-reading and mind-control devices that the aliens and / or secret agencies use to enslave you. Nobody knows what those devices are exactly, but a good tinfoil helmet will protect you against them.

    Funny, isn't it? You thought it was a joke somebody made up, and it turns out the joke is something some people really do. That actually happens a lot!

    If I were a 'truther', I could probably give you a much more amusing answer. They seem to know a lot of stuff nobody else does.

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    That is a simple Fallacy, because who ever came up with this idea, never considered that tin foil conducts electricity and energy and that in itself would make it an antenna allowing the energy to access energy from another source like the brain or being able to transmit energy to the brain. You would have to be wearing some thing that non conductive ( an insullator ) so no energy would pass through it.

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    The cat from red dwarf would not be seen dead with a human in a tin foil hat and aliens follow the cats crazy fasion style,they would keep far away.

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    Does the protection multiply with the number of hats or is it more like sunblock? Put me down for 4 in the first scenario, 2 in the latter.

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    Tin foil does not work. I tried aluminum foil for my first thought screen helmet in 1998 and it was a failure. Thought screens made from velostat work. I've been making them since 1999 and sending them to abductees all over the world for free for 13 years. See the development section on stop alien abductions. It has a multimeter reading of aluminum foil and a reading of velostat. The velostat reads 5 ohms impedance, the aluminum foil has 0 impedance. It is the unique conductance properties of the velostat that make it effective. Please read all of the information on the website about the thought screen helmet, which is derived from the novels of E.E. Doc Smith.

    For images of other types of thought screens using velostat, see aliens and children.

    Here's more information on alien abductions: Alien abductions are real. I've been making thought screen helmets and sending them to people who are abducted all over the world for free for thirteen years. I have people who have worn their helmets almost 24/7 for years. Some of the feedback that has happened to people for wearing thought screen helmets is very frightening. I've had three people who forgot to wear their helmets one night beaten in anger by alien-human hybrids.

    Most recently a woman who wore her helmet sporadically was mutilated by aliens. She was immobilized and the aliens made about 200 half inch incisions all over her body. She went to the emergency room of her local hospital and they said that they never saw anything like it. She is very frightened and this is the first event of its kind since I've been making thought screen helmets.

    The aliens also harass people wearing helmets by telling them telepathically that they will kill their pet if they don't stop wearing the helmet. In one case, the aliens killed two pet dogs in a row. The first dog was killed by its spinal chord which was cut internally. When taken to the veterinarian, he said he could not figure out how the animal could have died that way. The second time the dog died by vomiting blood. The person wearing the helmet finally gave up and let herself be taken.

    David Jacobs now reports that alien-human hybrids are integrating into our society. In 2007 two alien-human hybrids overcame a woman wearing a thought screen helmet. The hybrids had her teach them how to drive her SUV in the middle of the night. She gave up fighting them and was subsequently taken. So now we can assume that aliens are now driving on our highways in spacecraft disguised as vans!

    For children's encounters of aliens and their drawings of experiences, see aliens and children.

    I will soon have information linking alien abduction to the epidemic of autism. It is this epidemic that will lead us to real evidence of alien abductions and what the aliens are doing to the human genome all over the world.

    The best book on alien abductions is The Threat by David Jacobs. His other book, Secret Life is about alien abductions. Budd Hopkin's books, Intruders, Sight Unseen are also good books on the subject.

    Source(s): for information on real thought screens that work see The Threat by David Jacobs Intruders and Sight Unseen by Budd Hopkins
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    It reflects the mind control beams back to the aliens

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    8 years ago

    tin foil does not work and people that claim they have been abducted by aliens are full of bs and attention seekers

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    when you are watching a movie or tv set it is very easy to get distracted and multi task, where reading a written reserve, it usually has your full attention!

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    Reading a good reserve provides a richer experience and can leave you with remembrances that will last years

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