A question about routers?

If I have a router connected to a phone cable down stairs would I just need to plug a new one into my desktop upstairs with no phone cable or what. If you could tell me everything I need to know in detail I will give you 10 points.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have to assume that you mean that you have a DSL modem downstairs. Not clear if you have a router then connected to that modem.

    1. You can only connect one DSL modem to one telephone line.

    2. You can use a wifi router connected to that downstairs DSL modem and in many cases you can connect upstairs if there are not too many walls and floors in between.

    3. The best chance of having this work is to use an N type router AND an N type wifi adapter on your computer. Also all other devices have to be N type wifi.

    Your router will have a user guide to help you make the connections.

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