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Imagine this world without religion?

Why is it that humans have a need to worship a super-natural being ,ever since the begining of time all nations have their own gods i.e Budah,Allah,etc... why cant we just live without religion ?

I know we have atheist but they are a minority.

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    People create religions because they want to stop thinking about big questions. To do this, they accept easy answers made up by other people, and pay them to keep the confusion comfortable.

    There is an inherent desire to replace the mommy-daddy security. That desire is fulfilled by creator myths, and the perpetrators of the myths don't need to do real work.

    That is also why most religions advocate breeding. They make money when there are more children.

    A world without religion would be beautiful, and will happen in the future.

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    It would actually be a pretty awful place. You and I may not need religion, but many people find comfort, reason, and purpose in the practices and ideas of their religion. We cannot know exactly what the world would be without religion, but I predict without the laws and morals human societies would not advance past simple tribes. Look at ancient Egypt what is one reason their society could become so great? They thought the pharaohs were Gods! From there we have obviously progressed and in some cultures we could still thrive without religion. However other parts of the world may descend backwards. Either way we probably wouldn't have ya! to ask this question on if not for religion.

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    Atheists are in the majority. Some humans have a need to worship a deity.

    Unless you believe in all gods, you are an atheist in many of them. Atheism in all gods including the God of Abraham is the fastest growing of all sections of society, growing faster than Islam. So many of us do live without religion including many who call themselves Jews, Christians and Muslims. Strictly speaking Buddhism is not a religion. And it's not since the beginning of time that religions have existed. Pagan gods probably go back about 7,000 years to the beginning of agriculture when small communities began to gather in one place and settle down. The God of Abraham only goes back about 3,000 years. The human species is at least 200,000 years old, and so I dare say are superstitions of all sorts.

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    One would have thought that by 2012 dogma would have been at least in part replaced by open philosophy. It's something that bothers me a fair bit. It's not so bad in the UK, but in other places, USA for example, religion and the government are still intertwined.

    Although I must point out that Buddha is not a God. Buddhism is more about finding your own potential for strength and happiness within yourself, by following the example of various teachers. I am not Buddhist, I just thought I should explain.

    I'm an agnostic, there may be something in control, there may not. It's best to question, constantly, and wonder.

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    Much of the middle ages would've been better, but the 20th century would not have. The madness of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot was not due to religious conviction, but as an atheist, obviously not because they were atheists, either. It was other ideological extremes, fascism and communism. It didn't help if the catholic church turned a blind eye to the rise of fascists, but these were political horrors.

    You must also remember that the RAND corporation had people like Herman Kahn and John von Neumann suggesting pre-emptive strikes on the soviet union, not because of hate or Jihad, but because they saw it as a numbers game. I'm not defending the role of religion in the misery of humanity,, but I think religion or the lack of it is irrelevant to the majority of the problems faced by humans in the 20th and 21st century.

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    I would suppose, it gives you someone to blame, it's easier to fell there is someone somewhere looking out for you, who has a plan (even if you don't) and I suppose it's easier to think of dying if your going somewhere from which you can see your loved ones grow, and maybe impact such.

    Originally though I would imagine it was a way of explaing that big hot yellow ball in the sky, or the twinkling eyes watching from the sky at night etc. and of course it's very convenient for explaining to yourself, if you are without science, why we're hear

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    Granted, in a global with out religion, we don't have all these problems, therefore, probably focusing more on science and technology that might help us. Plus, might be more tolerance for different's views and method of living. Nonetheless, if we had been to are living in a global without faith, guess what's going to happen? NOTHING! Sure, nothing. A subject of fact, everything possibly worse. There will still be violence, there'll still be hate, and there'll still be corruption. Why? Due to the fact that we're human. Consider it or not, most of the world's most bloodiest wars were not from faith. Religion plays a small part in wars, and is quite often used as a "quilt" for genuine causes to kill. An get away goat if you are going to. Crusades... Lies. The king and the pope manipulated their folks to battle their "Holy warfare" now not for the sake of gaining again their "Holy Land" but for cash and vigour. If in case you have more land, more money and energy. Most popes went into power just for the sake of that intent. The Taliban are what they are in view that they, too, had been manipulated with the aid of their leaders, unknowing that it is in opposition to the Quran's rules, which follows some of Christian and Hebrew laws as good. , 10 Commandments. Despite what the news says about religion, no longer every person is split. Genuine Christians and Muslims can reside collectively. There are numerous occasions have been Christians blanketed Muslims for the period of their prayers and during Mass, Muslims fashioned a barricade round their church to safeguard them from protesters throughout New Years and xmas. Christians have held a colossal hand in helping the Jews again on their ft in the course of WW2, and their are church buildings that allow gays to participate in practices. Sure religion may be very frustrating, but taking it away will not make any variations. Man is the rationale in the back of all these hobbies. I've not discovered a single textual content in the Bible, The Quran, or another religious records that promotes such evil. As for, "Why does God gets rid of evil?" well, if he did, evil will nonetheless be right here. YIN YANG. Gentle and dark. One are not able to exist with out the opposite. Mild is nothing without darkish and vise versa. "Why does he harm some many humans?" God, as so much as he distaste it, has to play the role as each the HERO and the VILLAIN. To stability out the universe and us as well. Have you ever ever considered at any time when there may be nothing going down, we get lazy and slobish. Add in a catastrophic occasion and what is going to you see. Mankind at its finniest. Heroes upward thrust from the ashes of fallen angels. Plus, there are the darkness in man, and there may be a different entity that is known for evil, and he will also be discovered in each faith same as God. Science is satisfactory and all, but equal with gentle and darkish, it's nothing with out religion. If it weren't for faith, the sector can be destroyed. Faith can do something that Science can not. What is that? Good for each is exclusive, however i will say from individual experience, it may well provide Hope, defy obstacles, discover a personal reply that can not be remedy with science. Religion and science can stability each and every different out. Again... Man's lack of knowledge. I, too, use to be atheist, given that I got bored to death with the bull ****. Then I obtained depress and began to question my own sanity. One day some thing occurred and now i am back to being a Christian, however i am at the same time whatever else. I am Christian on the grounds that of Christ. I will agree with other Religions, i do not quite learn the Bible, and i most effective go to church for my own motives. I've met Christians, and others, like me. I've associates of exclusive beliefs, and a few are Atheist. I suppose logically like all scientific person, but i take advantage of religion to hold me in line. This won't have helped you, and i will fully grasp. But consider what I've said and check out to see matters in a different way. Nothing is right but everything is authorized. Assassin's Creed, i know, however it's genuine that is what i take advantage of when encountering stuff like this.

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    God created man and woman.Satan created religion,differences among people,possessiveness,hatred

    which god is superior yours or mine whereas there is only one God in different forms.

    More people are dying every day on religious fanatics than world wars,hope God appears and ban all the regions.

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    8 years ago

    World would be alot better.

    Humans wanted to know who created everything. So they had to come up with something.

    And By he way Buddha wasn't a God.

  • 8 years ago


    try explain that to him...

    talking about narrow-minded

    but let's answer, I am living in this world of which you are proposing

    but the problem is, wherever you turn your head "BAM" there is someone like them who just .....grrr

    what I meant by 'living in such thing" that I try my best to not thinking of them and their monstrous twisted minds

    I know you can't call that for real but..... oh whatever .... what can I say .... it sucks

    UNfortunately, that cannot happen. some people are made to piss you off

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