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When good things happen or when you succeed,who do u give credit God or Yourself?

Im a christian but i believe if you work hard and with a bit of luck you succeed .my friends and family always give credit to God ,what or who really is the force behind success?

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    Both. I am God.

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    I happen to agree with you; if you work hard and with good luck, you succeed. Why would I give he credit to some possibly non-existent being out there somewhere when I just busted my butt to get what I want? If there is a God, I don't think he/she controls every little thing. I think we're like his little science experiment... he created the universe, and now he/she's watching it to see what happens.

    Don't ever give someone else the credit for something you did! Not even God... how are you supposed to build character if you put everything in God's hand instead of your own? Wouldn't God WANT you to learn to work hard for yourself?

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    Since I don't know what, when I succeed I naturally have to express my happiness and that is one of the ways to do it. When I fail I need to reflect and understand why I failed if I want to do it better the next time. I usually don't have time to blame anything other than what it really is that is the problem and God certainly is not the problem. Although I include Him in any and all things, usually if it is bad it is just to let off steam. And God doesn't mind if I use Him for that too. He knows better than I why I do it. There is nothing I can do that will hurt God except not to turn to Him, even when things are bad. Pretty confusing type of hypocrisy but there you have it, human and not perfect at all, my solution to the problem.

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    God isn't some separate outside force but is the LIFE within you. And what do you define as "success"? You can see it is an opinion held only by the individual, it is true to you only.

    There is no 'chance' or a 'bit of luck' in life because everything is interconnected and every effect has its cause somewhere along the line. It matters not whether you are a Christian or are of any other faith, we have the same LIFE that flows in all.

    Since God is what you call the Universal Mind, or Cosmic Consciousness, or Divine Life, and we are told that we are made in His image and likeness, we can logically conclude that we too have a divine nature as our essence. So whatever our thoughts and actions are, they emanate from our individual consciousness. Usually, when we are aligned to the highest within us in thought and deed it will manifest in some beneficial way outwardly. It's called the law of Attraction.

    Personally, when good things happen I put it down to the working out of this law of Attraction which brings to you what you think deeply. When so-called bad things happen it means I've a lesson to learn there and one learns to transform the negative situation into a positive one, thus lesson learned.

    Neale Donald Walsch - God says Yes --


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    I thank God when something unexpected happens, but I believe if I make it happen then I can take the credit

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    Get in the Boat!

    Sermon/joke that I heard somewhere:

    Mr Jones was standing on his roof as flood waters rose around him.

    A man came by in a rowboat and called out, "Get in the boat. I'll save you." Jones replied, "No, I have faith in the Lord. The Lord will save me."

    The waters continued to rise. When they were up to Jones' waist, a man in a motorboat came by and call out, "Get in the boat. I'll save you." Jones replied, "No, I have faith in the Lord. The Lord will save me."

    When the waters were lapping at Jones' chin, a helicopter came by and lowered a rope ladder. The helicopters speaker blared out, "Climb the ladder, we'll save you." Jones replied, "No, I have faith in the Lord. The Lord will save me."

    Finally the waters rose above his head, and Jones drowned. Arriving at the Pearly Gates, Jones whined to Saint Peter, "I had faith in the Lord! Why didn't he save me?" Saint Peter replied, "The Lord sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?"


    My comments on the sermon:

    Some people believe that the Lord will save them. Others believe that we live in a basically benevolent universe where it is possible to survive. Either way, it's necessary to GET IN THE BOAT. In other words, you have to take care of yourself and also you sometimes need a little help from your friends. That's why two of my favorite songs are "Michael, row the boat ashore" and "I'll get by with a little help from my friends."


    "Belief" is a mathematical/scientific calculation of probabilities based on the available data.

    "Faith" is a set of assumptions which are needed to achieve worthwhile goals.

    My beliefs are not a matter of choice - they are determined by the past.

    However, I can choose my faith - and that choice can determine the future.

    I do not "believe" in God - nor in goodness, love, purpose, freedom or progress. But I have faith.

    - excerpts from The Notebooks of Ray Eston Smith Jr - http://www.thyorisons.com/Notebooks.html

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    I don't credit myself, I just think "yeah that went well" there is no thought process where I think who I can credit (unless it was clearly someone else's doing that something went well then just out of courtesy I credit them) Regardless, I would never credit something/someone that I can see no evidence for existing.

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    it is easy to assert a lot of human beings blame God for the undesirable and in no way provide credit for the stable he has finished. yet that'ss no longer all the way real, we ought to understand as believers that the Lord has god has no longer faultered in his strategies. John proclaimed in John a million.a million that for the time of the commencing up became him. It talks approximately how he made the heavens and earth. How he shaped out of his mouth the flaws that we take with none attention usual. My end is this. can we blame God for the incorrect, specific! We additionally boast in the reality that God can do something yet fail, and yet we refuse to furnish him our issues. i'm additionally accountable of that. WE have faith that for the time of time we sparkling up our very own issues, while it is he that promises up utterance by his spirit. and somewhat of thanking him for those issues, we chosen to have faith it became by skill of our palms that issues are great. yet its by skill of our palms the worldwide is in the form it is, we the main damaging beings in this planet, have faith there's a stable element that can come from us walking out of his way, yet God loving as he's despatched his son Jesus to do something that we weren't waiting to do for ourselves. He had the skill to alter all those issues, we couldnt die for ourselves, and hell became approximately to take this worldwide, yet Jesus died whilst we've been in sin. SO seem at that the subsequent time we are saying we are doing the impossible and Thank God for Jesus

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    Gods do not exist, so I do not give them credit for anything. I give myself credit for my successes.

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    There are a couple areas of thought here.

    1. Everything you are and have was given to you by God (I Cor 4:7), so even your capacity to think a problem through and resolve it is from Him. So, that means that even the things that we are responsible for accomplishing can be given as glory to Him, since He made us capable.

    2. God counts the things that we do that are good as actions on our part (even with what I already said. Why would God call someone a "good and faithful servant" (Mt. 25:21 & 23) if they hadn't actually done some form of service?

    3. You should think about your use of the word "luck." There really is no such thing. God decides how things play out, so there really is just another area to give him glory for those "chance events" (Pro 16:33 - "the lot" is describing something like rolling dice, and even that is under God's control).

    The point of this is how you respond to situations.

    If something good happens in your life partly because of your efforts and partly from the blessing of God on those efforts, then you should really direct your blessing to God. If someone else sees those things and praises you for your work, that's just fine too.

    The emphasis is on not being proud or arrogant about our own efforts and making sure we are always thankful to God for the good in our lives.

    The most important verse on this subject is this:

    Proverbs 27:2 - "Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips."

    To be the one talking about your own accomplishments is annoying to men and offensive to God. Men don't care about you making yourself sound good, that's just annoying arrogance. God doesn't want you forgetting about His part.

    So, direct your praise to God for your own work, and let others choose to praise you if they think the work is worthy.

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    When you succeed in life, don't pat "yourself on the back,"

    when it was a "team effort," and don't step on anyone,

    on your way to the top.

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