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PC Monitor says "No Signal"?

PC works pretty well after I recently updated it but now suddenly when I have to restart y computer to finish a download, the computer freezes so I decide to turn it off manually but then when I try to turn the computer back on it says "No Signal" I tried putting every cord in together fine and this has happened to me before but only because the cords weren't in right so I fixed it easily but now nothing works. Everything I try doesn't work. I have no idea what to do now.Hopefully nothing is wrong with my mother board or graphics card which I know may be the problem but I wanna know if there is a quicker way to fix it without taking anything out of my pc or paying for anything.


Oh and yes the PC works fine I can hear the PC but the monitor just says "No Signal" I will try most of your suggestions thankyou!

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    If you have done all the normal checks then the obvious thing would be your video card has failed.

    You will need to have this confirmed by a workshop because if a card fails, the on board VGA module should take over.

    Also have you had any warning BIOS beeps? You usually get one if you have got a video card fault.

    The AMI BIOS gives you 8 beeps. The Award BIOS 1 long and 2 short and the IBM BIOS will give you 1 long and 2 or 3 beeps depending on the errror

    As a passing point, it always amuses me with questions like these about bent pins. If a cable has never been taken out either end how can you get bent pins? They are protected by a shield around them which slides over an extended female socket and can only go on one way. You would have to be really incredibly stupid to bend the pins in the first place!

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    The posbilites are:-

    # Loose cable, or bent pins on cable.

    # Loose video card.

    # burnt out power for the video card chip on mainboard (smells bad).

    # Video card is dead.

    The most common cause of this problem apart from a loose monitor cabel is a loose video card.

    Remove the monitor cable from the Video card (back of PC),Open your PC case, earth yourself by touching the casing then see if the video card is loose, if so push it in. If not take it out anyway and put it in again, blowing the dust away (or even better use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dirt out of your PC). Make sure it sits correctly.

    Put the cable back on making sure it fits tight and that no pins are bent, and turn it on.

    If this doesn´t work then try a different video card, even an old one. IF this works your video card is faulty.

    More information would be helpfull.

    IS it a TFT or CRT (tube) monitor? does the PC run, can you hear the noise of the power fan and hard drive working?

    Does it show the Bios code and video card name when it is turned on, before windows starts?

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    Busted graphics card.

    Busted monitor.

    Busted cable(s).

    Busted driver (graphics driver corrupt).

    Busted user.

    No card?

    Busted integrated (built-in) graphics on motherboard.

    Got integrated graphics?

    Too bad, now ya need a new MOBO.

    Integrated graphics = YUK.

    Suggestion: (no money).


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    your motherboard problem is there so kindly go to your motherboard company service center and request them to replace it.

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