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Is Swearing allowed in young adult novels?

I'm writing a pirate story, and I'm just wondering if swearing is allowed In a YA novel? I'm only using it for effect.

No dirty words like wh*re, c*nt, etc, but there will be b**ch and maybe one f**k.

The situations are "you son of a b****", "Alright, you little b****!" And "what the f***?"

Is this to inappropriate? These are pirates FYI.


Yes only 3

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    No, YA novels can have swearing. Just so long as it's not really bad and not too often.

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    Son of a ... is fine - that's quite mild. The F word is different - for one thing it wasn't used as a swear word back in the days of pirates (in the Yo Ho Ho sense) and secondly, adding it could reduce your chances of getting published.

    But if this is meant to be a realistic story about pirates a hundred or more years ago, you really have to research your subject.

    The phrases you mention simply didn't exist back then.

    Language changes - and including words and expressions which are completely anachronistic would be really wrong.

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    It's really a matter of opinion.

    A bit of swearing here and there is not a crime, but since you are writing for a younger not-as-mature-as-they-think audience, try not to over do it.

    Everyone swears from time to time, but you cannot tell me that you find constant four letter word usage to be annoying. Plus it smacks of idiocy. If one can only manage to talk in swear words, they sound like they have no education.

    In another light, think PG and PG-13 when you write. Watch some PG and PG-13 movies to help you gauge what is and isn't "appropriate". Just a thought.

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    How much swearing was in the last 20 recently-published young adult novels you read? That's roughly how much you should expect to be able to get away with. If you haven't read 20 yet, go and read at least that many. You'll learn a good many other things you'll need to know to write your own YA novel.

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    The Seer sequence via Linda excitement Singleton Blue is for Nightmares (Stolarz sequence) via Laurie Faria Stolarz Graceling via Kristin Cashore Shiver via Maggie Stiefvater Stardust, Neil Gaiman Beastly, Alex Finn A Kiss in Time, Alex Finn

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    yes! use them, they make books more realistic and in young adult novels the readers will be mature :) YA novels, in my opinion, should be just like adult books only just stepped down a little, like a little bridge into the real world so a bit of swearing is good :)

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    No it's not inappropriate, because it's young adult. I read YA novels and they have profanity in it, but overall, you can't deny that profanity is involved with reality, right? Besides, sailors can truly cuss up a story. Just don't let an elementary kid who loves to read everybody's stuff and ask you what a profane word means--worst answer to give. You're welcome!

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  • These are pirates, of course they curse, and wh*re is used a LOT by pirates, I also suggest idjit, pirate talk for idiot.

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    Sure. Teenagers swear all the time. I wouldn't drop gratuitous f-bombs, though. That just smacks of trying too hard.

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