Can you start your own business at age 16?

i was wondering if you can.............. im really good at photography and i was just wondering if i can start like my own business, like buy a really nice camera and take pictures of people and they pay me.. (my parents would also help me if i need to sign "contracts" or whatever)

but is it possible......... ?

ps. im doing this to help my parents get more money and i need some ideas!!


ya i dont care, ill make it work ? JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION... thanks (;

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    8 years ago
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    Sure, you can set up a little home studio and take professional pictures of people for low prices. You could also make calendars of other pictures you take like nature or animals. You can hang up flyers at school for your services. You could also take pictures of people at dances to earn money. There's most likely pay for a picture like that of them. Once you get enough income, maybe you could rent out a place at the mall or something to take pictures as well. Just some ideas. Good luck :)

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    You can't. You must be a legal adult in order to sign binding contracts, and even an emancipated minor is not a legal adult. No contracts, no business. What you can do is odd jobs, or (preferably) working for someone else in the business you're interested in. There are always a lot of things to learn in any business, and the best way to learn is from someone else who's already in the field. If you're not interested in any business in particular, then you will fail. Owning a business requires a lot of dedication, you must be passionately interested in the field, you must be willing to devote all your spare time to it.

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    Yes, of course it is. If your photos are good enough, nobody cares about your age!

    As you say, your parents will need to deal with signing contracts. Make sure the contract refers to you getting the cash (that's perfectly lawful if you are the service provider, however old you are) to ensure they aren't paying tax on it.

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    there is no age limit on business owners, as long as you follow your local laws . you need to file proper paperwork in order to start the business, business bank accounts, and tax requirements.

    once your local laws are fulfilled, go start finding the customers !! going into the public and taking pictures of people is a good way to start, but make sure you have their permission before snapping the photo.

    good luck !!

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    Check out local wedding photography studios...they will often hire contractors to do some of the work...

    my daughter got some part time work this way when she was first starting out.

    Figure out where the artists hang out in your town...go to the gallery shows..get to know these people..they can connect you up.

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    You can't do contracts if you're not above 18 years of age without your parents signing a contract giving you a permission for it.

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