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What does Hockey need to do to get more popular?

Im not saying it's not here in the USA since a few states love their Hockey

But it doesn't seem to get the attention NFL/NBA/MLB ect would


I know they're in a lock out..

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    Sure, NHL isn't as popular in America as the "Big 3". I mean, baseball is an American pastime (though losing popularity) and football is just as dear to many people's hearts. I honestly believe the climate has to do with it. I'm from Canada, and though many sports are popular here, it's safe to say we eat, breathe, and sleep hockey. But think about states in America like Minnesota where it is rather cold. I'd say hockey is fairly popular there. Now think about places like California (before the Kings swept clean last season) and Arizona. Hockey isn't nearly as important as basketball, baseball or football. Also you might consider the locations of the Original 6.

    People are interested in sports they can identify with. Growing up in northern Alberta, Canada I'm not so inclined to follow beach volleyball. But I'll follow hockey religiously.

    The NHL can't do much more to promote hockey in America. Perhaps ESPN could. I think southern and Midwest states just need to be exposed to it a little more. Most sports channels are going to air NFL or college football games all day.

    Source(s): I'd also like to mention that hockey fans in the US have no problem filling out arenas with 20,000 people a night. So its popularity is still on the rise.
  • The simple solution is to get more hockey games broadcasted on a network that is in most homes. In Canada the cbc has been broadcasting hockey night in Canada every Saturday night for 50 years with great success I don't see why NBC can't do the same thing.

    Other than that more fan interaction with teams/players, cheaper ticket prices and more contests/promotions

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    IN america I consider hockey is an unrecognized recreation. I live in Michigan and for just like the last decade no one but me and like 5 different humans in my grade (three hundred sommthing) that i know of, and that i talk to alot of persons, even like Hockey let on my own were cheering for the Wings

  • Kevin
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    Promote Field Hockey in non-traditional markets like Atlanta, Florida, or any other state in the Southeast, South Central, or Southwest.


    Make the game very cheap for those people, but it is not economically possible for the NHL.

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  • 8 years ago

    Maybe if players of different nationalities became more successful. Kopitar is a good example.

  • Kyle C
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    8 years ago

    I think you're asking this question at the wrong time cause the NHL is in a lockout. There's no way it will gain popularity during a lockout.

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